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Haunted Philadelphia - Copy

City Tavern

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104, United States

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City Tavern

Old City
It got an honorable mention on a list of the best oldest bars in Philly, but there's something scarier than men dressed in period-costume tights haunting the space. Ask to dine in the “haunted section” and maybe you’ll see an apparition of the young bride who is said to have been killed in the tavern’s 1854 fire. Images of the young woman allegedly appear in some photographs hanging in the restaurant and match the descriptions from patrons’ sightings.

In 1854, the bridal party had taken over the upstairs for their preparations. At that time, light was provided by candles and fireplaces. The groom's party was downstairs waiting in the public area. No one in the bridal party noticed that a candle had tipped over, or that the drapes had begun to smoulder. No one noticed the fire creeping across the rug towards the party. In fact, this happened so quickly that I strongly suspect that it was not a candle that tipped over but an oil lamp. The flames moved across the rug and caught the train of the bride's dress. Fabric being what it was back then, she was almost instantly consumed and then the party noticed that most of the room was engulfed in flames.

The groom and his attendants attempted to save the bridal party, but were largely unsuccessful. The bride and many of her attendants perished, and the City Tavern had to be demolished. What a sad ending to what was to have been the happiest day of her life!

The City Tavern was rebuilt and reopened, and continues to host wedding parties. Over the years members of parties, particularly wedding parties, have noticed the face of an unknown woman in photos taken upstairs. In the photos she wear what looks like a bridal gown. Some patrons have even seen the apparition of the phantom bride in the halls and rooms of the tavern.

The City Tavern was, and still is, a popular location for wedding parties.

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