Great Nemaha Subagency, at Nohart, Nebraska

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Great Nemaha Subagency, at Nohart, Nebraska

White Cloud, Kansas 66094, United States

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Continued cessions of land by the Iowa resulted in several changes to their agencies and locations.

The Ioway Subagency, was in the Platte Country of northwestern Missouri, in the Blacksnake Hills, which would become St. Joseph. Then they were removed to Kansas in 1837 and their second agency was established near Iowa Point, as the Great Nemaha Subagency.

The treaty of 1854 diminished the Ioway reservation further and they were moved north to the area of the Big Nemaha, where the Subagency was moved and a number of buildings would be built in 1858, along the Nebraska-Kansas line. This settlement was called Nohart, Nebraska, after Chief No Heart (d. 1862), the chief who replaced White Cloud, and his uncle. No Heart, or Nahsje Ninge, is probably most famous for the No Heart map of ancestral Ioway lands in Iowa and surrounding states he used during treaty negotiations in 1837.

A post office was established at Nohart in 1860. For thirty years, including the tumultous years of the Civil War and the split in the tribe, Nohart was the center of tribal life. The end of Nohart came in stages, beginning with the closing of the post office in 1880, and the allotment of the reservation into individual parcels of land in 1887. Little is left now, except for some concrete foundations (the Industrial School) and an archaeological site to some extent disturbed by industrial agriculture, which has resulted in the terracing of some slopes. However scattered artifacts remain and the site has been given a site number.

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