Mercury and Argus by Mike DeAngelo (2019)

The Avenue Concept South Side + West End Tour

Mercury and Argus by Mike DeAngelo (2019)

Providence, Rhode Island 02906, United States

Created By: The Avenue Concept


Location: 316 Lockwood Ave

Mercury and Argus by Mike D’Angelo (2019) depicts Ovid’s story of love and deceit from Metamorphoses. Jupiter (who is the father of Apollo, the namesake of the business the mural graces) transforms his conquest, Io, into a white cow to protect her from his jealous wife, Juno. Upon realizing this, Juno places the cow under the watch of the giant Argus. Painted entirely with Montana Gold spray paint, D’Anglo’s erudite realism perfectly captures the classic tale in a fresh and modern visual interpretation.

Mike D’Angelo is a self-taught fine artist and illustrator, producing works in several mediums. His father, James D’Angelo, a still life painter, exposed Mike to art with frequent trips to galleries and museums. These experiences still influence his work today and inform his deep commitment to the history and study of art and his interest in Classical subject matter.

Painted as part of an Avenue Paintbar mini Residency

Material: C2 Paint, Montana Gold Spray Paint

Artist IG: @refractualism

Special thanks to: Apollo Roofing


What’s going on in this picture?

Look closely at the man on the left. What is he doing? Does it remind you of a famous story?

Look at the man on the right. What do you see on his cap and in his hand? What character from Greek mythology does he remind you of?

What do you think about the way the artist uses these characters to create this artwork?

This point of interest is part of the tour: The Avenue Concept South Side + West End Tour


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