Heritage Green

The Hidden History of Greenville's Leading Cultural Space

Heritage Green

Greenville, South Carolina 29617, United States

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Come take a look! Now bounded by Atwood, College, Marshall and Academy Streets, this historic area serves as home of at least five of the region's most important cultural sites. Relative modern architecture might fool you--this land dates back with hundreds of years of recorded history and captures a tale, especially of women's education, that is unique in all the South. Join us as we unlock the hidden tales of Heritage Green!

(This tour was created by students at Furman University in the fall semester of 2018. Please send any questions or comments to brandon.inabinet@furman.edu. User Note: In the app, additional photographs on the tour are available by swiping left and right. If you are not visually impaired, we advise muting your phone or turning off "text to speech" en route, under the Settings menu.)

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City of Greenville's Heritage Green


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Heritage Green

This entire area now called Heritage Green was once the lawn of the Greenville Women’s College, on which the women of GWC began, celebrated, and closed their educational journey of over 100 years. The lush green grass of the lawn was sha... Read more

Greenville Woman’s College Entry Way Columns From here, you see Children’s Museum of the Upstate, the Greenville Little Theatre, and Greenville County Museum of Art along College Street. You are standing where the women of GWC entered... Read more
Little Theatre, Big Culture

The location of this "Little Theatre" has had a dramatic impact on Greenville's cultural scene, first as the David M. Ramsey Fine Arts Center, and afterward as the current theatre space. The Greenville Women’s College had a significan... Read more
A "Cave" of Treasures

Towering trees canopy the white, cave-like building that is Greenville County Museum of Art. This building was awarded “one of the most interesting” buildings by the American Association of Architects. It is a massive structure that hou... Read more
The Shack

Looking back between these buildings, toward the playground equipment and parking lot, you're staring at one of the most fun spots in Greenville, historically. It's the location of "The Shack." The Shack was built in 1939, a quaint clap-bo... Read more
The New Frontier

The old campus of the GWC didn't end here.  In the photograph, you can see the historic aerial photo from the 1950s, with yellow overlay of modern Academy Street cutting through campus. Before the the college was built in the mid-1850s, Ac... Read more
A Greenville Library for All

This gleaming modern building, finished on October 7, 2002, hides a nationally significant history for the Greenville Public Library. Throughout the early-to-mid-20th century, "separate but equal" facilities dominated the American South. S... Read more
Judson Library

Before we leave the subject of libraries completely, it's important to mention an important one--the Judson Library. Looking across this entrance road to Heritage Green, back at the historical marker, you're looking at the exact spot where... Read more
Coca-Cola and Global Culture

This side of Heritage Green was not part of the Greenville Women's College but also had its share of unique Greenville history as a gathering place for the community. November 17, 1930 marked the opening of the Coca-Cola bottling plant at ... Read more
A New Chapter in History

Built at the same time as the new library building (photograph of the construction above), this structure was designed to look much older. Specifically, its clock tower and brick siding capture the mill design of Greenville's historic texti... Read more


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