Fort Leonard Wood Military Vehicle Complex

Outdoor Military Vehicle Complex

Fort Leonard Wood Military Vehicle Complex

Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri 65473, United States

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Outdoor military vehicle complex featuring equipment and vehicles throught military history.

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Grizzly Combat Mobility Vehicle

Designed in the early 1990's to breach obstacles and minefields.

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Military Vehicle

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Universal Engineer Tractor - Prototype

The UET is a highly mobile, armored, amphibious combat earthmover from which the M9 Armored Combat Earthmover (ACE) was developed.
Rome Plow

From 1967 to 1971 U.S. Army Engineer Land Clearing Teams and Land Clearing Companies in Vietnam utilized the plow on their D7E Caterpillar tractors.  The plow was sharpened to cut through the jungle and surrounding areas, and had a lance o... Read more
Combat Engineer Vehicle M728

Full Tracked Vehicle designed to remove, destroy, or make obstacles.
UH-1B "Iroquois" Helicopter

560th Military Police Company 114th Aviation CompanyServed in Vietnam from 1963 to 1972.
M1059 Smoke Generator Carrier

Built on a M113 armored personnel carrier chassis, the M1059 is equipped with a smoke generator system.  Take a peek inside, can you imagine 3 crew members sitting inside?
M93A1 Fox Nuclear, Biological, and chemical Reconnaissance System

This is an amphibious vehicle equipped with a fully-automated detection system for immediate analysis and warning of chemical and radiological contamination.
M67A1 Flame Throwing Tank

First fielded in the mid 1950s, this M67A1 is built on the M48A2 Patton tank chassis.
M91 115mm Multiple Rocket Launcher

M91 115mm Multiple Rocket Launcher
M132A1 Flame-thrower, Self-propelled

The Chemical Corps added the M10-8 to the standard M113 armored personnel carrier to creat this series of self-propelled flame throwers. 
M41 POA-CWS-H5 Sherman Flame Tank

The Chemical Warfare Service developed this tank to provide close support for attacking infantry.  It was used in the Pacific Theater late in World War II and during the Korean War.
POA-CWS-H1 Sherman Flame Tank

Used by the Army and Marine Corp forces throughout the Pacific Theater.
River Patrol Boat, MK2

458th Transportation Company 18th Military Police BrigadeDeveloped by the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam conflict as a direct result of the need for a fast and maneuverable craft to patrol the coastal and river waterways of Southeast Asia.... Read more
M1114 Up-Armored HMMWV

617th MP Company (KYNG) 503rd MP BN (ABN), 18th MP BDE
V-100 "Commando" Armored Car

This example represents a vehicle of the 560th MP Company, which were unofficially known as the "Roadrunners".
Military Vehicle Complex

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General Sherman M4A3E8

Used during WWII, predesessor was the M26 Tank.
Military Vehicle

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Caterpillar D7 Crawler Tractor and Road Grader

1951 Bull Dozer could tow loads over 20,000 pounds.


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