Gardens Around the Nevin Welcome Center

Find the seven interpretive sign bases around the Botanical Garden.

Gardens Around the Nevin Welcome Center

Ithaca, New York 14850, United States

Created By: Cornell Botanic Gardens

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Use this tour to explore the interpretive signs at each garden around the Nevin Welcome Center.
This tour begins on Comstock Knoll Drive.

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What You'll See on the Tour

Botanical Garden Orientation

Welcome to the Botanical Garden!  Our collection of 12 specialty gardens covers 10 acres.  In these gardens, you can find a diverse selection of plants, colors, smells, and sounds.  Each garden is maintained by our gardening staff and ma... Read more
Sign Promoting Future Peony Garden

With the support of our donors, the lawn in front of the Nevin Welcome Center will be transformed into new gardens within the next few years.  These gardens will showcase the Cornell Botanic Garden peony collection, as well as perennials... Read more
Bioswale Garden

The bioswale garden was designed not only to be a colorful display for the entrance of the Cornell Botanic Gardens, but also as a way to filter surface water runoff from our parking lot. The plants used in this garden are hardy and able to ... Read more
Pounder Vegetable Garden

The Pounder Vegetable Garden is located beside the McClintock Shed, which was used by Nobel Prize-winning geneticist and Cornell University alumna Barbara McClintock. She studied corn in the 1920s in the area that is now the lawn area in fr... Read more
Climate Change Garden

The Climate Change Garden is an ongoing project to display the effects of climate change on plants based on climate projections for 2050.  Read the interpretive signs as you explore this garden and compare the plants inside and outside of ... Read more
Winter Garden

The Mullestein Winter Garden is beautiful all year round, but was designed showcase the colors, textures, and shapes of plants that provide vibrancy in the winter from their fruit, flower, foliage, and stems.  This garden shows a rainbow o... Read more
Flower Garden

This garden is a combination of annuals, tender perennials, and shrubs. The stump of a tree next to the the bench is the remainder of a much larger catalpa tree. Look for a wind chime hanging in the center of the trunk. Interpretive booklet... Read more
Herb Garden

The Robison Herb Garden showcases a vast collection of herbs ranging from those used for culinary or medicinal uses to those found in literature.  This garden contains a diverse set of smells and colors.  Can you recognize some of these s... Read more
North Walk

The North Walk is one of the three locations holding our Groundcover Collection. Due to their low profile and ability to capture space quickly, groundcovers can provide an attractive and more sustainable alternative to a high-maintenance la... Read more
Groundcover Collection

Surrounding the Lewis Building, shade-loving groundcovers, such as hostas and pachysandra, make up another selection of our Groundcover Collection. These are protected by trees including Cornelian cherry, false cypress, and bigleaf magnolia... Read more
Comstock Knoll

Over 123 varieties of rhododendrons and azaleas grace this knoll.  Many of these rhododendrons were bred to be suited for cold winters.  When these flowers are in bloom, Comstock Knoll is full of a sea of colors.  If you are lucky enou... Read more


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