DysART Trail

The Arts Council~Haliburton Highlands celebrates Dysart 150, by placing art in public spaces to honour our heritage, our culture and our landscape.

DysART Trail

Haliburton, Ontario K0M, Canada

Created By: Tammy Rea

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The DysART Trail 150 celebrates the history, culture and landscape of the Haliburton Highlands.  As Canada, Ontario and Dysart et al all celebrate 150 years the Arts Council ~ Haliburton Highlands created this project to put art in public ... Read more
Calico Barn Acrylic on texturized canvas: 24” x 40” $950 Susan Hay’s fervent interest in rocks, water and trees makes Haliburton County the perfect environment to provide endless inspiration for her paintings. Her distinctive, vibrant... Read more
   Civic Duty  Acrylic on canvas: 24” x 36” NFS  Terry Wright moved to Haliburton in 2006 to immerse herself in painting and drawing at Fleming College. In the Sault, her home for 28 years, she studied life drawing and was part of a... Read more
   Sunset on The Lake  Acrylic: 20” x 30” $400  Gwynneth Heaton’s studio on Horseshoe Lake, ‘Maison Moose’, is where she enjoys painting colourful landscapes, animals and non-objective works. She began painting with watercolou... Read more
   GPS Signal Lost  Acrylic: 21.5” x 34” including frame $500  Laurie O’Reilly was raised in Toronto. She is a full-time figurative and environmental painter. When she and her husband were young and spending their summers travelli... Read more
Black-Throated Green Warbler  Basswood, textured with stoning and burning techniques,  finished in acrylic paint: 17” x 12” x 40” NFS  Greg Gillespie is a “Master Carver” and a fine art wood artist who lives in Haliburton Villa... Read more
West Guilford Auto Center Oil on canvas: 10 "x 14" x 1.5 "$ 225 Rossana Dewey , born in Toronto, now paints in her Haliburton studio, Art courses at Sheridan College and the Dundas Valley School of Art. She reproduces her observations and p... Read more
Basket Tamarack roots, horsetail, white birch bark, willow & dogwood H-8” x W-9.75” x D-8.5”  $85 Sheila Ziman’s work reflects her environment from which she draws inspiration and collects materials from the surrounding woods, ... Read more
Erratics Oil: 18” x 24” $250 Janet Bradley is a painter on full alert. While driving, she finds herself noticing the shades of green in the adjacent foliage and images that present themselves as paintings in her mind. In the early 90’... Read more
Abandoned Building Acrylic on gesso on masonite: 26” x22”  $625 Tim Payment is a realist painter who creates portraits, landscapes and wildlife images. His chief lament about the latter is that while loons will come close and look him ... Read more
Emmerson’s Dam - Hidden Treasure Textiles: 22” x 18”  $835 Jane Selbie made Haliburton her home in 1976 and feels deeply connected to the beauty of the landscape. Her art grew with time spent here. She won prizes at the County Fair, ... Read more
GLEBE PARK On the north shore of Head Lake in the village of Haliburton, Glebe Park is 175 acres of woodlands and rolling hills with networks of trails for walking, mountain-biking, cross country-skiing and snowshoeing. It is also a great p... Read more
Artist: 2009 Artist Blacksmith Certificate Students About: This spot is reserved for special sculptural projects created by the students of Fleming College. The tree branches hold ironworks sculpted by each student, and the tree was made by... Read more
Artist: Jake Mol About: The sculpture is a father, mother, child and dog created from old telephone poles, farm implements and other bits and pieces from old farmhouses. Jake thought that there should be a sculpture that connected the histo... Read more
Artist: George Pratt About: The goat-god Pan is a mythological Greek god of the wild. He also has a reputation as a bacchanalian. One of his favourite past-times was pursuing beautiful wood nymphs that strayed into the high forests where he... Read more
Artist: John Shaw-Rimmington About: The Spiral Ascent is a dry stone cairn with a spiraling grassy walkway, made with locally quarried granite. It was designed by John Shaw-Rimmington and constructed by students of the 2015 Dry Stone Struct... Read more
Artist: Mary Anne Barkhouse About: Gelert is a hamlet in Haliburton County named after the town of Beddgelert in Snowdonia in north of Wales. The name literally translates into the ‘grave of Gelert”. The legend has it that Gelert was th... Read more
Artist: Kevin Lockau About: A mystical totem made from six granite boulders collected from around the region. Kevin’s challenge was to respond to the natural history of Haliburton County. The wolf at the bottom of the sculpture is thought... Read more
Artist: Charles O’Neil About: O’Neil started making sculptures of shoes after he was approached by Stuart Weitzman at the Buyers Market of America in Philadelphia. Weitzman is a renowned shoe designer, and he asked O’Neil to create wi... Read more
Artist: Metalgenesis: Don Dickson & Amy Doolittle About: This is a one of a kind bench carved out of a large granite boulder extended by decorative metal painted red. People who were walking the trails asked for benches to be installed ... Read more
Artist: Mary Ellen Farrow About: “A Walk in the Woods in Haliburton” is one of the Sculpture Forest’s first installations. It was Mary Ellen’s response to her experiences in Haliburton walking through the forest in the fall. It was... Read more
Artist: Charles O’Neil About: The sculpture depicts a man facing due east, with his arms raised high, greeting the morning sun and reaching to embrace Eos the goddess of the dawn. According to Greek mythology, Eos rose up into the sky fr... Read more
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Artist: John McKinnon About: One of the truly amazing things about Haliburton County is its forests and other quiet places. Inspired by this and the phrase “A Secret Space” John created Atmo-Sphere. It provides a hidden entrance in a la... Read more
Artist: Marianne Reim About: Reim creates discreet objects and her constructions wear their identity through rough cut edges, visible welds and undisguised slabness. This sculpture is a stylized figure in rolled steel, and painted black. T... Read more
Artist: Leo Sepa About: “Moose Scraps” is an assemblage of hardware collected from old farmsteads in Haliburton County, formed into the shape of one of Canada’s largest mammals, the moose. Like many of Leo’s sculptures, the 2.5 metr... Read more
Artist: Phillip Vander Weg About: “Shelter Shift” is a continuation of the Vander Weg shelter series, which references a “house/shelter” iconic form. The ‘shift ‘refers to the fact that little in the sculptures is at right angle... Read more
Artist: George Pratt About: “Together We Explore the Wild” was commissioned in appreciation of the life of Shawn Hagerman, family man, outdoorsman, canoeist, camper, fisherman, hunter, photographer, hiker, meditator, poet, and health an... Read more
Artist: Doug Stephens About: “Sleep of the Huntress” protectress of the Sculpture Forest is a woman in repose, lost in the deep world of dreams. The placing of this sculpture was very strategic; Stephens said that he wanted her to have... Read more
Artist: Simon Chidharara About: Simon has this to say about his sculpture: “The musical instrument in this sculpture has a natural bond and connection to human life. Music entertains and educates us and speaks a universal language. The do... Read more
Artist: Peter Wehrspann About: “Current” is a one of a kind bench created out of 10cm oak slats with steel legs. The bench is representative of a river, but is also a reverse ‘S’. The bench was donated in honour of Sabrina Ford, a g... Read more
Artist: Leo Seppa About: Found objects are at the heart of this sculpture, aptly titled "Flying Debris", an assemblage of pieces, farm equipment, and other hardware, formed into the shape of one of one of the most fascinating local birds, ... Read more
Artist: Richard Shanks About: The sculpture “Visionary” commemorates the life of Sir Sandford Fleming and his contributions to Canada and the world. This sculpture includes the elements of a surveyor’s transit, the compass, time, sign... Read more
Artist: Haliburton Highlands Secondary School 2002 Students with support from Mary Anne Barkhouse and Michael Belmore About: In the winter of 2002, the Haliburton Sculpture Forest contracted with Mary Anne Barkhouse and Michael Belmore to b... Read more
Artist: John Beachli About: Haliburton County has a long history of men working in the forest, in logging camps or cutting timber on their own land. The county also has a history of sons learning skills from their fathers as they helped the... Read more
Artist: John Shaw-Rimmington About: Almost 25 tons of stone purchased from the Attia Quarries in Minden were used for the hands-on, week-long Dry Stone Structures course given May 2007 at Haliburton School of Art + Design. ‘C to C’ is ... Read more
Artist: Susan Low-Beer About: The two figures were made from the same mold;  Although the figures are essentially the same, their positioning portrays different emotions and a dynamic relionship.  Materials: Concrete. ...
Artist: Aaron Galbraith About: Carole Finn, local artist and community champion, donated the dry stone bench in memory of her late husband Don Finn, who died in 2008. Don loved to walk in the woods and in the Sculpture Forest. Measuring 7 f... Read more
Artist: Jiří Genzer About:Jiri developed the idea for “Harmony” a number of years ago to express the concept of a harmonic relationship - supporting, helping and finding joy together. “Harmony” is a continuation of a previous work... Read more
Artist: Mary Ellen Farrow About: This sculpture was created as part of the 2017 sculpture symposium in celebration of Canada 150, Ontario 150, and Dysart 150. The theme of the symposium, “Carved on the Canadian Shield” inspired Mary Ell... Read more
Artist: John McKinnon About: This sculpture was created as part of the 2017 sculpture symposium in celebration of Canada 150, Ontario 150, and Dysart 150. The theme of the symposium was “Carved on the Canadian Shield.” For John McKinn... Read more
Artist: Carole Turner About: “Storied Moons” commemorates the 150 year anniversary of Canada, as well as the 150 year anniversaries of Ontario, and Dysart. A tower of three limestone moons are wrapped in incised “audio tapes,” repre... Read more
Artist: Darlene Bolahood About: The sculpture’s axis, from base to tip, is perfectly aligned, pointing to the true north. The sun’s rays, at this latitude, find the lenses of the coloured panels, casting shadows that change with the ski... Read more
Artist: Metalgenesis: Don Dickson & Amy Doolittle About: Synonymous with the perception of “up North” is the image of trees. They are so numerous that one takes them for granted. Solid yet pliant, they are part of our horizons and l... Read more
Artist: Brett Davis About: The “Guardians” are a combination of humans and nature. Together they form an alliance that reminds us to harmonize with nature to help keep our eco-system balanced and our environment clean and free from an ... Read more
Artist: John McKinnon About: This piece was brought about by a donation from Noreen Blake. Noreen and her husband Bob spent summers in the Haliburton Highlands for over 60 years. They watched the growth of the Haliburton School of The Arts ... Read more
Artist: William Lishman About: Kennisis Horse and Rider was originally part of a larger sculpture called “Transcending the Traffic” created for Expo ’86 in Vancouver which focused on Transportation and Communication. William Lishman w... Read more
Sculpture: Shadow Caster Artist: Ian LeBlance About: Shadow Caster is a skeletal articulated structure crafted out of steel. It is based on Leblance’s study of insects and fossils. Moving metal rods were used purposefully so that the view... Read more
Sculpture: Unity Gate Artist: John Shaw-Rimmington About: The Unity Gate is an archway and curling dry stone walls, made with locally quarried granite. It was designed by John Shaw-Rimmington and constructed by students of the 2013 Dry Ston... Read more
Artist: Andrew Rothfischer About: Lissome #5 is shows the curvilinear form that is often repeated in nature: - grass blowing in the wind and the line of the spine in the human body. Lissome #5 is part of  Andy’s Lissome series of sculp... Read more


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