Temple Aliyah Purim Parade and Drive-Thru Megillah Experience

Temple Aliyah Purim Parade and Drive-Thru Megillah Experience

Los Angeles, California 90095, United States

Created By: Temple Aliyah

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Come see the Purim Megillah played out in 9 exciting scenes, each one on the lawn of a different Temple Aliyah family!

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This "stop" serves as the introductory orientation to the tour.
As you pass by, you will see King Ahashveirosh and his family enjoying the end of a massive six-month feast!
Queen Vashti refused to come to King Ahashveirosh's banquet when he called for her, so she got banished from the kingdom!
Here you will see the coronation of Queen Esther as she becomes Queen of all Persia.
Mordechai saves the day as he foils the plot of Bigthan and Teresh (who wanted to kill the king).
In order to persuade her husband to save her people, Queen Esther knew that she first had to put him into a good mood.  She knew that the way to her man's heart was through his stomach, so she prepared a scrumptious feast for him and for H... Read more
It looks like King Ahashveirosh was having trouble sleeping.  See his advisors read the royal diary to him in an effort to get him to fall asleep quickly.
Watch as Haman has to parade Mordechai around Shushan's main square while yelling, "This is what is to be done for a man whom the King wants to honor."  How humiliating!
Watch our story come to a climax as Queen Esther officially accuses Haman and gets him sent to the gallows!
As a closing scene, take note of the three major Purim mitzvot mentioned in the megillah: Mishteh – the feast Mishloach manot – the gifts to friends and Matanot l’evyonim – gifts to the poor ...


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