Nature and Culture of Downtown Ithaca - Visual Aids

We say that “Ithaca is gorges,” but how is it that people and place, nature and culture come together in ways that enliven a city with a unique spirit and soul?

Nature and Culture of Downtown Ithaca - Visual Aids

Ithaca, New York 14850, United States

Created By: Ithaca Heritage

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This free roam walking tour is intended to complement the guided walking tour entitled "The Nature and Culture of Downtown Ithaca" offered through Experience! The Finger Lakes by Adrianna Hirtler (a Finger Lakes Native and long time Yosemite National Park Ranger). Here's a chance to get a closer look at some of the visual aids used during the full walking tour and to re-visit some of the walk destinations. This PocketSights tour elaborates on a few things that are only briefly mentioned in the full walking tour which is crafted to weave together a great diversity of embodied Ah Ha! moments in the natural and cultural history of Ithaca. To get the full experience of the foot-based tour that will take you back in time and deep into the natural and cultural roots of this unique city, follow this link...

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East View of Ithaca, Tompkins County, NY, Taken in September 1836

From East Hill looking down Seneca Street towards downtown Ithaca today, you get a similar, yet very different, view of this city almost 200 years after this image was recorded. Can you find the Clinton House (in the image) a few blocks d... Read more
Ithaca Hotel in 1935

What are the forces that influence the particular built environment we inherit?  This is a 1935 photograph of the Ithaca Hotel that was demolished in 1966 as part of Ithaca's "Urban Renewal" efforts. These efforts sought to revitalize a do... Read more
Cornell Public Library

Philanthropy – A Great Ecological Idea! While competition and natural selection are often cited as the great drivers of evolution leading to and perpetuating life as we know it, cooperation and symbiosis are more recently coming into foc... Read more
Clinton House

Local History often hints at larger stories... In its heyday, the Clinton House was declared one of the finest hotels west of the Hudson River. What inspired the construction of such a grand building in an 1830’s village with a populatio... Read more
First Ithaca Calendar Clocks made here

How do you translate a natural system into a mechanical system? The Chanticleer Rooster has been welcoming visitors to the corner of State and Cayuga streets since 1947...but a unique Ithaca invention was first manufactured at this location... Read more
Exposed Rock Layers at lower end of Cascadilla Gorge

Ithaca has been recycling since the Devonian Period! Despite the extraordinary ability of humans to dramatically change what a place looks like within very short periods of time, more subtle forces of change have been working slowly, and wi... Read more
Fountain with statue of the goddess Hebe at old City Hall

An alter to water was once erected on a prominent Ithaca street corner In 1896, fresh water suitable for drinking wasn't the easiest thing to come by in the city of Ithaca. A privately managed water supply from Buttermilk Creek and Six Mi... Read more
Markle House

"There's a parking lot on the piece of land...where the supermarket used to stand..." - The Kinks This parking lot is the site of Ithaca's first frame house which was built around 1800. It was built to be a house for Abram Markle, but was ... Read more
Dewitt Park as part of Ithaca College Campus

Homesickness for Ithaca brings talented violin player back from Europe...  ...and Ithaca Conservatory of Music was born in 1892. This was a way for William Egbert to make a living while remaining in the Ithaca area. The first classes were ... Read more
Cascadilla Creek as Grand Avenue to Cayuga Lake

Water takes us places From here Cascadilla Creek follows its channel out past the ScienCenter and Ithaca Wastewater Treatment Facility to Steamboat Landing, the current site of Ithaca's popular farmers' market. Steamboat Landing was one of ... Read more


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