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Westport Artists 2021

Westport, Massachusetts 02790, United States

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SCA features two open studio tour weekends, July 17-18 and August 21-22, 2021 and includes 75 exhibiting artists. Our 2021 Tours mark the 18th Annual South Coast Artists Studio Tours.

This is your chance to visit the studios of some of the best artists living, working and exhibiting in the four beautiful coastal towns of Westport & Dartmouth, MA and Little Compton & Tiverton, RI.

The self-guided tour will take you across small highways and rural byways of stunning natural beauty. Along the way, you’ll discover the work of welcoming artists working in such diverse mediums as oils, acrylics, watercolors, photography, sculpture, basketry, fiber arts, ceramics, glass, wood, metal, jewelry, paper and mixed media.

If you can’t make it to every studio on the tour, remember that each artist can be reached through SCA’s Artist Member Directory on the website and plans can be made with individual artists for a visit some other time.

Both Open Studio Tour weekends are free, open to the public, and require absolutely no registration. Click here for the 2021 brochure. We hope you can join us. Thank you!

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How to Use this App: Scroll through the lists of artists. When you find a studio that you want to visit, you can tap the ‘GO THERE’ button or click on the link for the address within the artist description- that will take you directl... Read more
#1 on the Brochure Fiber Arts & Watercolor Artists Showing at: Tupelo Studio, 790 Drift Road, Westport, MA 02790   Ruth Bourns BOTH TOURS  FIBER ARTS: Handcrafted textiles: crib quilts, shoulder bags, jewelry pouches, scarves,... Read more
#2 on the Brochure. Oil & Cold Wax Artists Showing at: 1 Ellsworth Drive, Westport, MA 02790   Kathy Burdon AUGUST 21 & 22 only OIL AND COLD WAX: Abstractions from landscapes and still life objects. kburdon58@gmail.com www.k... Read more
#3 on the Brochure. Oil painting. 188 River Road, Westport, MA 02790   Elizabeth Coxe AUGUST 21 & 22 only OIL: Landscape and still life paintings. ecoxe@comcast.net www.elizabethcoxe.com 508-636-5118 ...
#4 on the Brochure. Stone and wood carving. DelGaudio Sculpture Studio. 226 Old Harbor Road, Westport, MA 02790   Cecilia DelGaudio BOTH TOURS STONE & WOOD CARVING, CAST STONE: Figurative and nature inspired sculpture and relief ... Read more
#5 on the Brochure. Torn Paper Paintings. 218 Hixbridge Road, Westport, MA 02790 Wanda Edwards BOTH TOURS  TORN PAPER PAINTINGS: Unconventional collage using hand painted/embellished papers, book pages, etc. TornPaperPaintings@yahoo.... Read more
#6 on the Brochure. Ceramics, painting, printmaking & drawing. Artists Showing at: RED Studio 25 Judges Way, Westport, MA 02790   Rose Esson-Dawson BOTH TOURS  CERAMICS: Wood-fired ceramics, functional pottery. rcebsd98@aol.com... Read more
#7 on the Brochure. Pottery and paper. Destination Dirt 723 Main Road, Westport, MA 02790 Wayne Fuerst BOTH TOURS  HANDMADE POTTERY AND PAPER: Functional pottery and stationary with floral papers. Waofuerst@gmail.com 508-789-3121 Dem... Read more
#8 on the Brochure. Watercolor and mixed media. Artists Showing at: 1991 Main Road, Westport, MA 02791 Vidar Haaland BOTH TOURS  WATERCOLOR: Landscape and figure, capturing memories, sunshine, and mood. vhaaland@aol.com www.haalandia... Read more
#9 on the Brochure. Paintings. Catherine D. Hafer Studios 401 Pine Hill Road, Westport, MA 02790 Catherine D. Hafer AUGUST 21 & 22 only OIL, ACRYLIC, CHARCOAL: Capturing personality and bringing feeling to life. haferstudios@veriz... Read more
#10 on the Brochure. Paper and jewelry.  Cotier Luxe Artists Showing at: 967 Drift Road, Westport, MA 02790 Margaret Smith Hamilton BOTH TOURS PAPER: Custom made sterling, fine silver & bronze and pearl jewelry. Cotierluxe@gmail.... Read more
#11 on the Brochure. Porcelain. 86 River Road, Westport, MA 02790 Trintje Jansen AUGUST 21 & 22 only PORCELAIN: Porcelain relief paintings, painted dishes, and objects. Tdjansen86@gmail.com www.trintjejansen.com 508-636-8918 ...
#12 on the Brochure. Paintings. 205 Brayton Point Road, Westport, MA 02790 William Kendall BOTH TOURS  ACRYLIC: Abstract paintings inspired by the sights and sounds of the sea. jkendallll@aol.com www.williamkendallpaintings.com 508-6... Read more
#13 on the Brochure. Paintings. 1154 Main Road, Westport, MA 02790 Melinda Lane BOTH TOURS  OIL PAINTING: Still Life paintings focused on home and garden. lane.melinda@gmail.com Find us on Instagram!  Demonstration Melinda will dem... Read more
#14 on the Brochure. Paintings. T Leverett Art 21 Raymond Street, Westport, MA 02790 Thomas Leverett BOTH TOURS  ACRYLIC, OIL, PASTEL, INK, CHARCOAL: Seascapes, landscapes, animals, abstracts. tleverett7940@charter.net 774-328-2442 F... Read more
#15 on the Brochure. Photography. Point of Light Studio 69 Masquesatch Road, Westport, MA 02791 Alexandria Mauck BOTH TOURS  DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY: Landscape and nature photography capturing life at the shoreline. ali@alexandriamauck.c... Read more
#16 on the Brochure. Painting. Meadowbrook Studio 60 Meadowbrook Lane, Westport, MA 02790 Debra L. Valeri BOTH TOURS  OIL: Representational landscapes capturing the light and atmosphere of the South Coast. debbie@meadowbrookstudio.co... Read more
#17 on the Brochure. Paintings. 803 Main Road, Westport, MA 02790 Hanna Victoria BOTH TOURS COLORED PENCIL, WATERCOLOR, ACRYLIC: Realistic and stylized images of nature and portraits. hvr.illustration@gmail.com www.hannavictoriaart.co... Read more
#18 on the Brochure. Painting and printmaking. Michael Walden Studio 42 Drift Rd., Westport, MA 02790 Michael Walden BOTH TOURS  PAINTING / PRINTMAKING: An interpretation of form, distinctive in its execution. hello@michaelwalden.net ww... Read more
#19 on the Brochure. Paintings.  Artists Showing at: 462 River Road, Westport, MA 02790 Nancy Whitin AUGUST 21 & 22 only PASTEL AND MIXED MEDIA: An exuberant dialog encompassing animals, nature, joy, and strength. nancywhitin@me.... Read more
#24 on the Brochure. Paintings. Artists Showing at: 800 Division Road, Westport, MA 02790 Diana Azevedo Carns BOTH TOURS  MIXED MEDIA/OIL/ENCAUSTIC: Contemporary abstracts and works inspired by nature in mixed media. dcarns2@gmail.co... Read more


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