Our enterprise tour builder accounts are for downtown management, visitor centers, universities, businesses, non-profits, and other organizations interested in features such as commercial use, local advertising, analytics, visitor engagement, and visitor data collection.


Tour Beacons


Discover when and how visitors are interacting with your community. You'll get access to very useful (and ever expanding) data such as — Tour views (by mobile, web, and embedded), tours taken, virtual tours taken, places viewed, places visited, average visit length, popularity by day, popularity by time, average tour completion time, and routes taken.

Local Advertising

Increase your revenue by incorporating local advertising into your tours. Feature restaurants or other places of business on your tours. You might even discover you'll be making more than you're paying us!

Donation Support

Ask visitors to consider donating to your cause. If you choose to enable this feature, a button will be presented to visitors when they finish your tour allowing them to donate to your cause. When setting this feature up, you can enter your PayPal address or a custom URL if you already have an established giving site.

Virtual Beacons

Engage your visitors even further. Virtual beacons are points on the map that aren't necessarily a physical place. They can be used for many purposes — to alert visitors of other things they might like to see, things happening in the community, advertisements for local businesses, etc. When a visitor walks by one a small window will appear and your text will be read out loud using text-to-speech.


Custom Hashtags

Tap into your visitor's social network. There are social sharing buttons on content throughout tours. We'll compose a default message and use your custom hashtag when a visitor shares anything from your tour on their social network.

Mailing List Support

Build deeper relationships with your visitors. If you choose to enable this feature, a button will be presented to visitors when they finish your tour allowing them to join your organization's email marketing list. We'll collect the visitor's name, email address, and zip code and make it available to you for export.

Multiple Users

Collaborative use. Add additional users within your organization if you'll be managing tours as a team or need to share analytics and usage data.

Tour Mailing Lists


Tour Donations

Tour Complete Customization

Call your visitors to action. When visitors complete your tour a "Thank you" window appears. You can customize this message with your parting words and a call to action. This is the perfect time to encourage donations and mailing list signups if you've enabled these features.

Scalable Infrastructure

We can support events of any size. Let us know if you'll be using our technology for an event and expect a large spike in traffic. Our back-end infrastructure was built with high availability and scalability in mind. We can quickly deploy additional servers to handle the high demand if needed.

Priority Tour Approval

User experience is really important to us. Our team will review new and updated tours to ensure they meet quality guidelines. Your tours will go to the top of the review queue and be reviewed before free subscriber's tours already in the queue. You can also contact our support team if it's critical your changes go live right away.