American Sycamore

Roebling Park Dendrology

American Sycamore

Hamilton Township, Groveville, New Jersey 08610, United States

Created By: Unity College


American Sycamore (Platanus occidentalis) is a large tree. This tree was included in the tour, because of its huge size. Many Sycamores in the park have attained large sizes, and this is one of the largest. It has mottled bark, similar to camouflage, and the leaves can attain large sizes. This tree is native.

These trees often grow in lowlands or floodplains. These trees can be found in several locations in the park, but several of the largest are close to the road down the hill, near this tree. Please be careful when viewing this, as you are standing on a road

London Planetree (Platanus x acerfolia) is easily confused with American Sycamore. Both of which are common in NJ. London Planetree is a hybrid between American Sycamore and Oriental Planetree (P. orientalis). The bark of London Planetree is often more yellow, while American Sycamore can have white inner bark on some limbs. London Planetree leaves also have deeper margins, and their fruits hang in groups of 2-3 from one stem. American Sycamore fruits hang individually from one stem.

This point of interest is part of the tour: Roebling Park Dendrology


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