Brass Rail Saloon and Hotel

Bonanzaville Unexplained Tour

Brass Rail Saloon and Hotel

West Fargo, North Dakota 58078, United States

Created By: North Dakota State University


The Brass Rail Saloon from Page, North Dakota has been another location with unexplained activities. The building housed a restaurant/ bar in the main level and the upper level was home to the Page Hotel. Many people have claimed to feel someone watching as you walk into the building. Some of the noises that have been heard in the building include the chairs moving, voices, footsteps, and more. Guests have mentioned seeing someone looking out over the street from the upper story windows, which was closed to the public at that time.

Located in the upper level there is a photo of a woman. A close acquaintance of the staff had asked to see the upper area of the building. Upon seeing this photo, she immediately announced that she believed that the woman in the photo was still in the building and that her name or nickname started with an “M”. Bonanzaville staff researched further and found that the lady in the photo was named Mildred.

During the winter months when Bonanzaville is closed the building is left locked unless entered by Bonanzaville staff. In the spring of 2018 staff and entered the saloon in search of an item and had noticed that the deck of cards the is left on the poker table had been sprawled out cross the table with one card in particular being stuck under the leg of the wood burning stove on the floor. None of the staff members had remembered the cards being moved and there were no signs of a break in to the building, leaving this unexplained.

A paranormal group received permission from Bonanzaville to investigate the village overnight in the spring of 2018. They left a recorder in one of the upstairs bedrooms of the saloon while they went out into the village. Early in the morning hours, you can hear on the recorder chairs moving across the floor and several loud bangs that the group, upon hearing the recording, were unable to explain away, as there was no wind that night.

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