Fine Art

Lekki Arts & Craft Market

Fine Art

Lekki, Lagos 106104, Nigeria

Created By: Saleema


Nigeria's art scene is centered in Lagos, which is home to many of the country's top galleries, museums, and art institutions.

Walking though the market one will see various shops filled with sculptures, paintings and all forms of art.

African art has had a massive influence on European artwork, specifically from the early 20th century when artists from the West were seeking fresh sources of inspiration. African art also played a role in the development of modernist art movements like Cubism and Expressionism, which were created with the intention to break down traditional representational forms and explore new ways of representing the world.

In addition to influencing specific art movements, African art also had a broader impact on European art by challenging traditional notions of what art could be. By introducing new forms and styles that were not based on Western ideas of perspective and realism, African art helped to expand the boundaries of what was considered "art" and paved the way for new forms of artistic expression (Alfert, 1972).

Similar to the structure you’d find in international art galleries, Samson performs the role of a curator. Although not an artist himself, his shop hosts a wide variety of mixed medium works from artists hailing from Nigeria, Cameroon and Ghana. The works range from sketches to pieces made from actual butterfly wings to portraits painted on ankara fabrics.

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