Greenhill Cemetery

Public Memory: Laramie & the University of Wyoming

Greenhill Cemetery

Laramie, Wyoming 82070, United States

Created By: University of Wyoming


The Greenhill Cemetery was established in 1881, just 20 years after Laramie was officially established as a town. Before that time, many of the dead in the territory were not placed in a cemetery plot but remembered by their last words and buried where they dropped. As the city was built and the cemetery was established, bodies were reburied in the cemetery. To this day, there may still be bodies throughout Laramie that we haven’t discovered yet.

With over 16,000 burial plots on site, you can see a large acreage of land that has been meticulously organized into sections. However, these sections have changed a lot over the years depending on the sexton that was in charge. Due to these changes, unfortunately, some people and their memories have been forgotten. Being open from sunrise to sunset, or 9-5 (whichever happens first) has always been a great part of the cemetery's traditions. When the cemetery was first established, it was quite far out of town; now, you can see the University of Wyoming has grown right around it. This placement next to the campus has become part of many locals' daily routines like running, dog-walking, and bird-watching. To this day there are Laramie’s most influential people buried there, feel free to explore and uncover Laramie’s history.

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Greenhill Cemetery Website

Contributed by Lucy Kirkley

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