Interest point 2 - The Ice Age

Half Moon Valley Trail

Interest point 2 - The Ice Age

Oakville, Ontario L6M, Canada

Created By: Bronte Creek Provincial Park


Approximately 15000 years ago this area was covered by a sheet of ice 2km thick, which stretched from the southern shore of the great lakes to the high Canadian Arctic. This ice sheet was part of the last ice age and is now referred to as the Wisconsin Glacier. A warming period caused the melting of the Wisconsin Glacier some 11000-14000 year ago which was directly responsible for the creation of the Bronte Creek Ravine. The resulting water from the million of tons of melting snow and ice carving and eroding the landscape as it flowed.

On geological time scale, this ravine is considered very young. The cross section is a steep “v” which shows that the valley has not had long to erode. The sides of the ravine will continue to erode due to wind or water events, thus changing to a wider V.

As you continue along the trail look around you and notice the size of the Bronte Creek ravine and imagine the volume of water it would have taken to carve this valley.

This point of interest is part of the tour: Half Moon Valley Trail


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