Love Is A Many Gendered Thing by Brian Kenny (2021)

The Avenue Concept South Side + West End Tour 2023

Love Is A Many Gendered Thing by Brian Kenny (2021)

Providence, Rhode Island 02906, United States

Created By: The Avenue Concept


Location: 32 Central Street

NYC-based artist Brian Kenny created the mural "Love Is A Many Gendered Thing" as an homage to the Trans and Queer communities of Providence and the world. This mural residency was a collaboration between TAC and Open Door Health, the first and only LBGTQ+ clinic in Rhode Island.

The piece is full of hidden iconography and also features various people Brian felt compelled to capture and celebrate.

The faces featured are:

Cristina Hayworth (she/her) (NYC) (deceased)

Tatiana Jones (she/her) (Providence)

Sylvia Rivera (she/her) (NYC) (deceased)

Elle Moxley (she/her) (NYC/LA)

Kayden (he/him) (Providence)

Richie De Filippo (he/him) (Providence)

Chris Harris (he/him) (Providence) (deceased)

iO Tillet Wright (he/him) (NYC/LA)

Alice Firefly (she/they) (Providence)

Shey Rivera Rios (they/them) (Providence)

Nielle Taylor (they/them) (Providence)

Nicholas Platzer (he/him) (Providence/Miami)

The Merman is an ode to Matt Garza (they/them) and the incredible work they have done through the Haus of Glitter in Providence.

Other references and hidden imagery in the mural include:

Snakes as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom.

Butterflies as a symbol for transformation.

Human teeth as a totem for humankind and as a symbol of the generations who have come before us.

Nautical references as an ode to the Ocean State and Merfolk.

Blue Violet flowers as the Rhode Island state flower.

The shirt with watermelons and pineapples is a nod to the mural "She Never Came" by Bezt which was installed in Providence in 2015.

Mr. Gay RI worldwide is adorned with the LGBTQ+ Equality symbol and a sash of the Progress Pride flag.

The Transgender symbol is on the center top of the mural.

The blue and pink lava lamp shapes in the background are meant to represent the idea of Gender fluidity with the violet representing the spectrum in between. The bubbles that break the white frame are meant to symbolize the idea that sometimes gender identity can also fall outside the lines we think of.

* Brian would like to especially thank Alice Firefly who worked tirelessly with him to complete the mural. She was an integral part of the mural process.

Material: C2 Paint

Artist IG: @briankennny

Supporters: Open Door Health, Pearl Street Lofts Association, Armory Revival Corporation, Adler's Design Center & Hardware, Hilton Providence

Special thanks to: Alice Firefly who was Brian’s collaborator on the installation of the mural and to our partnering organizations, The Pearl Street Lofts Association and Armory Revival Company, for providing the site location, and Open Door Health for partnering with The Avenue Concept on funding to make this public art project happen.


Stand back and allow your eyes to take in the entire painting. What do you notice in the way that the artist has used images, portraits, and line to make the mural dynamic?

Now look closely at one section of the mural at a time. What symbols stand out to you? How are they used across the artwork?

What are you curious about? What would you want to ask the artist to explain?

What are your favorite elements?

This point of interest is part of the tour: The Avenue Concept South Side + West End Tour 2023


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