Napoles Marty and Mimi Pantuhova

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Napoles Marty and Mimi Pantuhova

Little Compton, Rhode Island 02837, United States

Created By: South Coast Artists


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288 Long Hwy, Little Compton, RI 02837

Napoles Marty




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Napoles Marty’s sculptures focus on the human form, seeking to express humanity in both its strength and its fragility. His work also seeks to provide insight into human relationships and ambiguous interpersonal struggles from a timeless perspective, focusing on the role of bodies as tools of change, power, confinement and control. Marty utilizes bodily forms and organs to express the humor, sarcasm, light-heartedness, and mockery that are often present in these interpersonal relationships. Taking advantage of the nuanced readability of the human form, his figures oscillate between states of power and vulnerability. Skillfully harnessing and subverting classic fonts, the shapes he creates float between the old and the new world. His works draw on classic techniques and materials, seamlessly combined with newer methods and sources. Using means associated with classical and modernist sculpture such as carved wood, clay and plaster, as well as less traditional materials such as stick and hemp casting fiber, Marty builds sculptures which are visually complex, impactful, and often visceral. Many of his works, such as The Fighter or Ghost Couple series, are a perfect example of a complex and ambiguous figures but quintessentially human in its visceral form.

Marty always tries to find himself in his creations, as a man trying to cope with his dislocated reality. Though open to divergent interpretations, his pieces form partly a reflection of his current existence, in which he represents his own displacement, repeated migration, and relational experiences.

Long driveway.


Mimi Pantuhova


OIL/OTHER MEDIA: Local landscapes and abstract figurative


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Mimi has two interests: Landscape Abstraction and Memory. Sometimes a landscape invites her to paint because the color and shapes inspire and at other times the landscape is a place of memory: washing the dog in the backyard or experiencing a flock of swans take off from the pond. Her painting attempts to evoke the feelings happiness as well as terror in an abstracted imagined landscape which also might reflect the world we live in. Mimi is a child and adult psychoanalyst working outside of Boston. She comes from a family of artists and has been painting and drawing all her life.

The studio is located in a barn at the end of a very long driveway. It is wheelchair accessible and has a bathroom.

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