Path to the Crown Plaza Resort

Mirror Lake Watershed Walk

Path to the Crown Plaza Resort

Lake Placid, New York 12946, United States

Created By: Adirondack Watershed Institute


At this stop you can see a small, wooded area. This is a very important feature of this part of the watershed. Unlike the Main Street area you just left, this wooded area will capture nearly all the precipitation that falls on it and help to control the amount of surface runoff and stormwater making it to Mirror Lake. An area like a mowed lawn will have a lot of runoff as there isn't much variaiton to the soil and the roots won't be able to stop much of the water. Having intact forests in a watershed is very important for controlling stormwater and protecting water quality. Another way to mitigate runoff is with terracing. Terracing is when you build step like structures into a landscape with plants on each step to help collect water. A good example of terracing is at Brewster Park, facing Mirror Lake. We included a picture of it at this stop.

Click this link to answer a question about runoff on lawns:

The next stop is located at the top of the hill, across the street at a bench near the parking lot for the Crown Plaza Resort.

This point of interest is part of the tour: Mirror Lake Watershed Walk


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