Razzle Dazzle by Dan O’Neill (2015)

The Avenue Concept South Side + West End Tour 2023

Razzle Dazzle by Dan O’Neill (2015)

Providence, Rhode Island 02906, United States

Created By: The Avenue Concept


Location: 221 Broad St. - on the school campus

Razzle Dazzle is a mural installed by Dan O' Neill as part of a multi-artist series at the Classical High School in Providence. The lines, shapes, and shadows of Razzle Dazzle follow the rhythm of the school day. Similarly, the mural's color palette reflects a conscious choice to portray how sunlight and shadow affect color throughout the day. Inspired by the geometric "razzle dazzle" technique used to camouflage WWI battleships, O'Neill also used bright colors, light, and shadow to seemingly alter the shape of the building and ultimately impact the students' perspective of the space. O'Neill explains, "It's not a figurative mural with a specific political or social message, but a feeling that the space is here for you. To show students how this kind of brutalist, monochromatic concrete courtyard is really a canvas that's waiting for all this artwork to happen on it... That's what I wanted to get across with the act of painting it."

Material: C2 Paint, Montana Gold Spray Paint

Artist website: www.dan-oneill.com

Special thanks to: Classical High School, Central High School


How does the artist use colors and shapes to make the building’s shape look different than it really is?

How is this mural different from other murals you've seen?

What is your favorite part of this mural? Do you think the artist should have done the entire building?

This point of interest is part of the tour: The Avenue Concept South Side + West End Tour 2023


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