Greenock Cemetery WW1 Memorials Walk

Take a walk through historic Greenock Cemetery and hear about the stories of the men and women who gave their lives in the Great War

Greenock Cemetery WW1 Memorials Walk

Scotland PA15 1BQ, United Kingdom

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There are hundreds of memorials in Greenock Cemetery to those who were lost in the First World War. This tour takes a look at a selection, telling the stories of their service. Greenock Cemetery is a beautiful place to take a walk in. It was set out in 1848 and it was designed to encourage walks and carriage rides through the wooded paths.

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Hello and welcome to this tour. Listen to the introduction here, before moving into the cemetery proper.    Greenok Cemetery was opened in 1846, and was laid out by Stewart Murray - the first Curator of Glasgow’s Botanical Garden. The p... Read more
You are now in section C  There are 6 gravestones with world war one memorials in this section: Peter Rodger Allan, Thomas Gray, James Grieve, John Daniel Buchanan, Alfred John Lyle and Robert MacFarlane. Look at the images to see what the... Read more
We are now in Section O. It is a wider section than section C. We will hear about Charles Ferguson Blair, William John Crookston, John Fisher, Eoin Leitch, Dugald MacDougall, Thomas Coburn Williamson, Samuel Magee, Archie Stevenson, Andrew ... Read more
You are now in Section P where Alexander McCurry, Isabel Meldrum, & Robert Fraser Scott are remembered.  Alexander McCurry of the MGC is remembered at Tyne Cot Memorial. Commissioned in 1917 from Queen’s University, Belfast Officer T... Read more
We are now looking at section W on the right hand side of the Esplanayde, as it was called. Also known as millionaires Row. Hugh MacPherson, Alexander Reid Prentice, John Robert Prentice, Walter W B Rodger, and Charles George Wilson are rem... Read more
Go in to section 2i, the section adjacent to the boundary wall. Here are the memorials of Joseph Adams, Robert Graham, William Johnson, Donald McGilvray, and James Robertson.     Joseph Adams is buried at Henin Crucifix Cemetery. Joseph ... Read more
You are now in section 2K.  Richard Colquhoun, James McLay, Arthur McMillan, Peter Fleming Paton, George Petticrew, and William A Smith are remembered here.    Richard Colquhoun is remembered at Helles Memorial, Gallipoli. Richard joined... Read more
You are now in Section 2L. We will start heading back down the hill from now on. Memorialised here are Alex Brown, William Hyde, David MacKail, Stewart Munn, Donald Smith, Samuel Urie, and Douglas Young     Alex Brown, aged 41, was the h... Read more
There are two memorials in section 2H: John McCaughey and Joseph Phillips     John McCaughey is buried at La Neuville-aux-Larris Military Cemetery. Aged 19, John was the son of the late Mr & Mrs McCaughey, 25 Dempster Street. The La ... Read more
We are now at the top of the Esplanade, section V to look at the memorials to Charles Hill Patten and James Henry Stewart. In cemetery terms this is a prime location. These two families were very well off and incredibly well-connected.  ... Read more
Look down the Esplanade - the place to be buried if you were a Greenockian. Status in death! I mentioned at the start the role that the sons of the well-to-do played in the war. This section illustrate that perfectly. 23 sons of the so call... Read more
We are looking at Archibald Barbour, J Westhall Brown, Andrew Goldie Dunsmuir, Hugh Fraser, James Hannah, Andrew Allan Kerr, Charles Hally Kirkpatrick, John Allan MacDougall, Gilbert McEachran, Peter McKirdy, Robert McKirdy, and Hugh Wilson... Read more
There is only one stone in this section - that of James Crawford     James Crawford served with the 5th argylls. He is buried at Lancashire Landing Cemetery, Gallipoli. James had served 10 years with the local Territorials. He died of wo... Read more
We are now in Section F. Again, have a wander around, taking a look at the various memorial stones of Thomas Wallet Hislop, John Wallet Hislop, John Morrison Jessamine, William Kennedy, Ninian Parker Laird, Charles Stevenson MacNab, David M... Read more
Section D holds the memorial stones of Archibald McCall, Duncan Ritchie McInnes, & Duncan McLean.    Archibald McCall is buried at Etaples Military Cemetery Archibald, son of Archibald and Flora, was a 20 year old Lieutenant. He died ... Read more


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