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Historic Henry Mall District

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Agricultural Hall – (1450 Linden Drive) (built - 1903) became home for most of the agricultural programs at the time. Many of these programs became departments and soon had their own buildings. Today it is home to College Administration, Farm and Industry Short Course, Landscape Architecture and Community and Environmental Sociology. It houses one of the largest lecture halls on campus (capacity is 760). This building is listed on National Register of Historic Places. CALS web site: www.cals.wisc.edu

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Agriculture Hall

 Agricultural Hall – (1450 Linden Drive) (built -.1903) became home for most of the agricultural programs at the time. Many of these programs became departments and soon had their own buildings. Today it is home to College Administratio... Read more
Agricultural Engineering Building

Agricultural Engineering – (460 Henry Mall) (built - 1905) was the first building on campus constructed using reinforced concrete. The Agricultural Engineering Department is now called Biological Systems Engineering (BSE). The American So... Read more
DeLuca Biochemical Sciences

DeLuca Biochemical Sciences Building – (440 Henry Mall) (built - 1906) was home of the Agronomy Department until 1930. It then became home to Genetics until 1963, Dairy Science until 1972, and Agricultural Journalism, now called Life Scie... Read more
DeLuca Biochemistry

DeLuca Biochemistry Building (420 Henry Mall) (built -1912) has been this department's home from the start. Scientists working in this department made many important discoveries, incudes: 1. Vitamin A in butterfat and cod liver oil and vita... Read more
Henry Mall Historic Plaque

Henry Mall historic plaque (referred to as a boulder) was dedicated in 1924. Henry Quadrangle Plaque: The Henry Quadrangle in recognition of the Pioneer Service of Dean William Arnon Henry to the science and practice of agriculture in this ... Read more
Genetics - Biotechnology

Genetics - Biotechnology Center (425 Henry Mall) (built - 1993) houses the oldest genetics department established in 1910 as the Department of Experimental Breeding. Its history includes R. A. Brink who brought hybrid corn to Wisconsin, tri... Read more
Old Genetics WISCIENCE

Genetics (445 Henry Mall) (built - 1961) served the medical genetics and animal genetics until 1994. Since 1989, WISCIENCE (the Wisconsin Institute for Science Education and Community Engagement) has collaborated with educators at all level... Read more
Stovall Hygiene Laboratory

Stovall Laboratory of Hygiene – (465 Henry Mall) (1951) was established in 1903 to provide diagnostic services to state residents at the urging of H. L. Russell. The lab provides facilities and expertise for the diagnosis of diseases comm... Read more
W. D.Hoard Statue

The statue at the north end of the mall recognizes William D. Hoard who encouraged dairying across the state of Wisconsin. He was the founder of Hoard’s Dairyman magazine in 1885, still popular more than 130 years later. Hoard served as c... Read more


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