The Bubonic Plague tour

The Bubonic Plague tour

Hong Kong Island Hong Kong

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Understanding the history of 1894 Hong Kong Bubonic Plague through a historical tour in Hong Kong Island.

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In July 1894, Plague swept through Hong Kong, while Taipingshan was hit the hardest with 3,500 people killed over the epidemic. The Swiss-born bacteriologist Dr. Yersin was sent to Hong Kong to investigate the source of the epidemic, and he... Read more
Since Hong Kong opened its port in 1841,the colonial government implied their jurisdiction by dividing the living places of  Westerners and the Chinese, therefore, majority of Chinese people were moved to the Tai Ping Shan districts and t... Read more
Built in 1904. Located at Junction of Pound Lane & Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan. The living condition in the Chinese area was extremely poor and highly intensive. There were seldom public toilets. There are lots of hygiene problems ... Read more
With the support of Governor MacDonnell and Chinese elites, Tung Wah Hospital was established in the year of 1870 - according to the Tung Wah Hospital Incorporation Ordinance, the colonial government provided land for building the hospital,... Read more
Owing to Taiping Rebellion in 19th century, a great number of Chinese immigrants from Southern and coastal area of China moved to Hong Kong whom seeking for refuge and job opportunities , the precarious workplaces and Hong Kong’s humid we... Read more
In 1894 May, the Hong Kong government established a permanent committee in the sanitary board for handling everything related to the bubonic plague (Law, 2018). However, the sanitary board had no experience in dealing with plague outbreaks,... Read more
The outbreak of Plague in Hong Kong took away approximately 2,500 lives in the city. As the transmission routes of plague remained unclear in the early stage of the outbreak, the British Hong Kong government designated a particular area on ... Read more


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