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Giza Governorate Egypt

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A tourism tour that passes the itinerary of Alexander the Great to the Temple of Amun in Siwa, and includes all services. Including the important sites on the itinerary, which are Abu Sir, Marina El Alamein and the temple of amun .

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The establishment of the city of Memphis belongs to King Mina, the founder of the first family. It was initially called the city of the “White Wall”. Then, during the reign of King Pepe the first of the Sixth Dynasty “Minfar”, which... Read more
On the way on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Alexander attracts a spot of land separating the Mediterranean Sea from Lake Mariout. Alexander thinks carefully about this spot that it has amazing specifications suitable for creating a gr... Read more
A place located in the Northern Delta of Egypt, it contains a lot of archaeological sites. It lies on the Mediterranean coast, about 45 km to the west of Alexandria on its western road. It passes between Lake Mariout and the sea. Abousir , ... Read more
Leukaspis (Locassis) was a thriving Greco-Roman port and city founded in the second century BC and which grew to a population of 15,000 residents at its peak. Also known as Antiphrae, Leukaspis was a commercial hub of the Mediterranean oli... Read more
 Matrouh lies on a bay on the Mediterranean , about 290 km west of alexander and 222 km east from sallum . In ancient Egypt and during the reign of Alexander the Great, the city was known as Amunia , In the Ptolemaic Kingdom and later du... Read more
This is the temple where the famous Oracle in the ancient time resided. Alexander the Great visited the Oracle after his conquer of Persia.This temple is located near Shali and can be accessed by bicycle or walk. It is located at the top of... Read more


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