The Story of the Boxer Rebellion at Arlington National Cemetery

Boxer Rebellion Tour at Arlington

The Story of the Boxer Rebellion at Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington, Virginia 22202, United States

Created By: Georgetown University

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This tour traces the Boxer Rebellion which occurred in China in 1900 by visiting the graves of many of the conflict's participants buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

The tour hopes to give the visitor both an understanding of this little-known American conflict and an appreciation for some lesser-known gravesites in the cemetery.

Following a roughly chronological route, the visitor will read about the battles in China and the role each of the services played in the capture of Peking (Beijing).

Each of the 12 main stops features a participant, their photo, and a historical or thematic story relating to their service.

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What You'll See on the Tour

Welcome to Arlington National Cemetery. Founded in 1864, this 639-acre preserve is the final resting place of almost 400,000 servicemembers and their families.  This tour covers the events of the 1900-1901 Boxer Rebellion and the role of t... Read more
Charles P. Summerall  The first stop on our tour is the grave of Charles P. Summerall (1867-1955). Born in Blounts Ferry, Florida, Summerall graduated from West Point in 1892. By 1900 he was serving as a First Lieutenant in Battery F, 5th ... Read more
Manus MacCloskey Manus MacCloskey (1874-1963) was also a lieutenant in Battery F. Born in Pittsburgh, PA, MaCloskey graduated from West Point in 1898. Too late to participate in the battery’s actions in the Cuban campaign of the Spanish A... Read more
John T. Myers John Twiggs Myers (1871-1952) was born in Wiesbaden, Germany to the son of a former Confederate Quartermaster General who left the United States after the Civil War. Graduating the Naval Academy in 1892, Twiggs was serving as ... Read more
Bowman H. McCalla Bowman H. McCalla (1844-1910) was born in Camden, NJ. Joining the Navy as a midshipman in 1861, McCalla served during the Civil War. In 1900, he commanded USS Newark, one of the first US warships to arrive off the coast of... Read more
Emerson H. Liscum Emerson H. Liscum (1841-1900) was born in Huntington, VT. In May 1861 Liscum joind the 1st Vermont Infantry as a private and fought in several major Civil War battles including Gettysburg where he was wounded. After the Ci... Read more
Henry J. Reilly Henry J. Reilly was born in Ireland in 1845. Immigrating to the United States, Reilly fought in the Civil War as an enlisted artilleryman and was commissioned as a lieutenant in 1866. Reilly stayed in the Army for over 30 ye... Read more
William S. Hogg William S. Hogg (1856-1921) was born in Washington, D.C. and graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1872. Prior to the Boxer Rebellion, Hogg sailed with former President Grant on his world tour and fought in the n... Read more
Austin R. Davis Austin R. Davis born in 1871 in Atlanta, GA graduated from the United States Naval Academy in as a Marine Second Lieutenant in1894. Davis served onboard the USS Oregon at the Battle of Santiago during the Spanish-American Wa... Read more
Charles D. Rhodes Charles D. Rhodes (1865-1948) was born in Delaware, OH in 1865. Graduating from the United States Military Academy in 1889, he received a commission as a Second Lieutenant of cavalry. Assigned to the 6th Cavalry Regiment, ... Read more
William Seach William Seach (1877-1978) was born in London, England. He immigrated to the United States some time before joining the Navy as an Ordinary Seaman in 1898. Assigned to the USS Newark at the start of the Rebellion, Seach served ... Read more
Adna R. Chaffee Adna R. Chaffee (1842-1914) was born in Orwell, OH and enlisted in the Union Army as a Private in the 6th Cavalry Regiment in 1861. Serving through the duration of the Civil War, Chaffee was promoted to Second Lieutenant in ... Read more
Grote Hutcheson Grote Hutcheson (1862-1948) was born in Cincinnati, OH and graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1884, first being assigned to the 9th Cavalry, an African American regiment led by white officers. A Captain whe... Read more


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