Wheeler Opera House

Learn more about the theater's history as told through the photos in the bar lobby.

Wheeler Opera House

Aspen, Colorado 81611, United States

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Ladies of Aspen in Entertainment

circa 1902 The fourth lady from the right is Ella Stallard. Note the trap in the floor of the stage. That device was lost when the stage burned ten years later.
Elementary School Production of "The Fairy Queen"

1903 The Wheeler’s original house scenery was beginning to show signs of wear, particularly in contrast to the young faces. 
A "Home Talent Show"

1904 All the character types of 19th century melodrama are represented by these local players.
The Masque & Music Club Winterskol Snow Show

1951 Kathryn Hessler conducts: Elsa Fisher, Adele Marsala, Fabi Benedict, Ginny Henry and Jack de Pagter are among familiar faces onstage. 
Burl Ives Entertains

1949 Paula Mechau, Carl Jonas, Herbert Bayer and Derek Mechau. Household chairs served for seating and the stage, still awaiting repair from the 1912 fire, forced the performer into his audience. 
Winterskol Amateur Night

1954 Fred Iselin, Master of Ceremonies seems to have heard a sour note from the unidentified Cowgirl Singers. Equally unimpressed in the background are Roy Vroom, Thelma Sabbatini, and Jim Rouse.

early 1950s Fred Glidden’s and Joe Marsala’s original Aspen Musical I’VE HAD IT. These rehearsal photos reveal a large cast of Aspen residents working on writer, Luke Short’s (Glidden) libretto and jazz star, Marsala’s, paean to e... Read more
Dean and Marsala apply make-up for "I'VE HAD IT"

early 1950s The plot revolved around the conflict between “townies” working at the Hotel Jerome and the summer visitors, the music students. Lou Dean and Adele Marsala apply make-up in the old dressing cubicle under the stage.  ...
Winterskol Talent Night,

January, mid 1950s An uncomfortable Dan Dailey attempts to keep up with hoofers, Dick Murphy and Steve Knowlton. It’s interesting that what was once known as “amateur night” has now become “talent night”.
Winterskol Amateur Night

January, 1954 Lana Turner clowns with Master of Ceremonies, Fred Iselin. Sally Baker Williams, Bunny and Jim Roushe, Dick Murphy, and Dean Billings are in the background

1965 Karly Roosevelt and Robin Molney  ponder a pause.  

1965 Phil Clark as “Daddy” is besieged by “Mother”, “Grandma,” and “The Social Worker.”
The Wheeler Diamond Jubille: High Cockalorum

1964 Kelly Nicholson, Art Jarboe, Sally Dale, Ross Griffin, Carol Anderson, Carol Ann Jacobson pass an evening incarcerated in the Meanly, Kansas train depot.
The Wheeler Diamond Jubilee: High Cockalorum

1964 The cast awaits the arrival of a “real” train onstage. 
Aspen Community Theater: A Chorus Line

1985 Zack (Jere Michael) leads the Chorus.
Aspen Community Theater: Hello Dolly!

1986 Dolly Levi (Nancy Mills) and the Company in their Sunday clothes. 
from "Destiny and the Wheeler"

1989 The Rainbow Theater & Aspen Public School's original musical starring the Fourth Grade. The musical encompassed everything from the construction of the Opera House to today’s [1989's] development crunch. A lively (and youthful) ... Read more


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