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Barrington, Nova Scotia B0W 1E0, Canada

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Since 1788, Shelburne County lighthouses (Beacons)have played an important part in marine navigation for those who have sailed our Atlantic waters. Today, they serve as symbols of our seafaring heritage, and can be observed from many scenic coastal vantage points throughout the County.

Some of Nova Scotia's most beautiful, dramatic and natural Beaches are found within Shelburne County. From the sheltered waters of Louis Head in the Sable River estuary to the open, white sand beaches of Cape Sable Island, an array of dynamic coastal ecosystems provide habitat for plants, birds and wildlife.

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  The original Charlesville (Pubnico Harbour) Lighthouse was built in 1854. It was a white, square, pyramidal wooden tower with a red lantern, and a dwelling attached. Both were demolished in 1967 and replaced with a conical fibreglass tow... Read more
Builton a rock ledge of Cockawit Passage, the wooden lighthouse was built in 1900. It was replaced in 1965 and then de-staffed in 1993. 
Emerald Isle, Shag Harbour Located in Shag Harbour, this square, wooden tower was built in 1877.Standing at 21 feet tall the station was de-staffed in 1993.
Shag Harbour The Bon Portage Island lighthouse was established in 1874. For 110 years, 16 principal lightkeepers and their families kept the light burning on this small, windswept island. The longest serving keeper was Morrill Richardson, w... Read more
West Head, Clark’s Harbour B0W 1P0 Established in 1888, this lighthouse was built on the west side of Cape Sable Island. Replaced in the 1970's this 51 foot tower can be seen from afar. It was automated in 1993.
Barrington Located on the southernmost tip of Atlantic Canada, the Cape Sable Lighthouse, originally built in 1861, is the tallest lighthouse in the Maritimes at 101 feet. The station was de-staffed in 1986. It is only accessible by boat, b... Read more
The Hawk Beach  The Hawk Beach has been scoured by the ocean for thousands of years, exposing a unique drowned forest, believed to be 1500 years old. In the distance The Cape Light, the Tallest lighthouse in Nova Scotia, stands guard.Come ... Read more
589 Daniel's Head Road, Cape Sable Island B0W 1P0 The beautiful 2.5 km long Daniel’s Head Beach (locally known as South Side) is one of the most popular beaches on Cape Sable Island for walkers and photographers throughout the year. Migra... Read more
Nearly 2km of white sand and rolling dunes make Stoney Island a favorite with the local residents for swimming and picnicking during the summer. With its eastern exposure, it's a perfect beach for for taking an early morning walk and watchi... Read more
McGray Avenue, Cape Sable Island B0W 1E0 Just across the Cape Sable Island Causeway from Barrington Passage, NorthEast Point Beach is a local favourite for swimming, soaking up the sun, or catching a weekend boat race. You might see a dory ... Read more
The museum, a replica of the top half of the Seal Island Lighthouse. It displays lighthouse equipment and memorabilia,and tells the fascating history of the lighthouse and the area's light keeping families on Cape sable Island, Bon Portage... Read more
28 Sandhills Beach Road, Barrington Sandhills white sand beach is backed by an ever-shifting dune system. Its wide sand flats warm at low tide making it a great place for swimming and snorkeling. Migrating shorebirds feed on the tidal flats... Read more
Baccaro Road, Baccaro The wild forces of the wind, tide and occasional storm constantly reshape this nearly 2 km long beach, a treasure for birders, walkers and photographers. The 45 foot high Baccaro Lighthouse is just minutes away, has an... Read more
Perched on the edge of the ocean, this lighthouse is an important bird watching site. Located on the east side of Barrington Bay near Port La Tour, this small wooden lighthouse was built in 1934. It replaced the original building that was b... Read more
Cape Negro The Salvages is a group of ledges and rocks on the west side of Cape Negro Harbour. In 1915, a diaphone was placed on the highest rock, which gave three blasts every minute to warn seafarers. In 1965 a 53 foot high white rectangu... Read more
Cape Negro B0W 3N0 Located on the southeastern end of the island, the 91 foot high structure has a light range of 16 miles. Originally built in 1872, the current tower replaced it in 1915 and was automated in 1993. Cape Negro was named on C... Read more
Shore Road, Shelburne The sights and sounds of the wind and surf greet you as you drive down the gravel road to Roseway Beach, located on beautiful Round Bay. Another local favourite for swimming and picnicking during the summer. Enjoy the ... Read more
Shelburne Established in 1788 on McNutt's Island at the mouth of Shelburne Harbour, Cape Roseway was the third lighthouse built in Canada. It was built old world style with the cliff rocks it stands on. The rock walls were 6 feet thick and ... Read more
Sandy Point Lighthouse 1586 Sandy Point Road, Shelburne  902 875 2570 This attractive lighthouse, which originally was built on a pier, now sits on a crib at the east side of the entrance to Shelburne Harbour. The tower stands 44 feet tall... Read more
1586 Sandy Point, Shelburne  The beach at Sandy Center,is accessible at low tide only but the view of Shelburne Harbour and Sandy Point Lighthouse is a photographer's delight at any time. When the tide is out, a sand bar allows access to t... Read more
Welkum Park 8946 Upper Clyde Road Welshtown Ten minutes inland from the Town of Shelburne, Welkum Park is a small day use park and beach on Welshtown Lake. With warm, fresh water it's a favorite family destination on a hot summer day. Munic... Read more
Lockeport Located 0.4 miles north of Cranberry Island in the approach to Lockeport’s Harbour, Carter's Island Light is best viewed from the end of South Street in the Town of Lockeport. The lighthouse was originally built and lit in 1872 ... Read more
Lockeport Stop by the Crescent Beach Centre at the entrance of the Town of Lockeport and view Gull Rock Lighthouse from their observation tower. It is located over 1 mile offshore. This square wooden structure was built in 1955 to replace t... Read more
Brighton Road, Lockeport This spectacular 1.5 km sand beach is a focal point for surrounding communities, and was once featured on the Canadian fifty-dollar bill. Walkers and photographers are out on the beach and nearby boardwalk in almost... Read more
Sable River On the east side of the Sable River estuary, Louis Head’s stunning 1 km longwhite sand beach is popular with walkers and runners year round, and a place to gather for family picnics and swimming in the summer when the estuary... Read more


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