Walking Waterhoods: Temescal Creek - Uplands

Enjoy the flora and fauna on this brief walk through the Uplands

Walking Waterhoods: Temescal Creek - Uplands

Berkeley, California 94703, United States

Created By: Wholly H2O

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Enjoy the flora and fauna on this brief walk through Uplands along Temescal's Claremont Creek.

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Look out for the striped skunk along your path. It's an adaptable watershed resident that does well in human environments. Though they eat a variety of plants and animals, their diet consists mostly of insects. Lawns and landscaped areas p... Read more
If you look closely along the creek, you might be able to spot the California slender salamander, our area's most common salamander. They are active on the ground surface from fall to spring then seek out burrows to hibernate in during the... Read more
California scrub jays inhabit scrublands, oak woodlands, and backyards. They eat mostly insects and fruits during the summer, and move on to a variety of nuts and seeds in winter. They will bury food throughout their territory and can remem... Read more
The Claremont subdivison was built in 1905 using Frederick Law Olmstead's philosophy of urban design for undeveloped land. His ideas centered around the inclusion of the landscape’s natural features, which are reflected in the layout of t... Read more
The anise swallowtail butterfly can be found near its favorite food plants in gardens and on hilltops in the upper parts of the Temescal Creek Watershed. Its primary food sources are members of the carrot family, fennels, and some plants in... Read more
The Belladonna lily is mostly cultivated as an ornimental flower but really adds to the brown landscape of late summer in the Bay area. This flower blooms in August thru September. It can be found in many locations in the hills of Temescal ... Read more
Cow parsnip is a common plant in the Temescal Creek Watershed. Native Americans used to remove the outer skin of cow parsnip and use it as a food source, dermatological aid, straws, and a yellow dye.
This view of Temescal Creek, seen from Brookside Avenue, holds many native plants like California buckeye, cow parsnip, and coast live oak. California Buckeye (Aesculus californica) is a plant native to Oregon and California. The Ohlone Tri... Read more


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