Historical Universities of Boston

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Historical Universities of Boston

Boston, Massachusetts 02115, United States

Created By: Northeastern University

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The focus of this tour is the history of higher education in the city of Boston. Coupled with the history, we will also be examining the legacy of these institutions as well as their current state in Boston. This tour is in the interests of students who are interested in applying to colleges in Boston. It is also in the interest of parents who will most likely accompany their children on college tours. This tour could help shed light on not only the current state of these institutions, but the history of them as well. This tour could also be interesting to tourists who want to learn more about how higher education has integrated into the city of Boston. The overall cost of the interview ranges from $2.25-$21.25, depending on whether you want to purchase a Charlie card for one day, or for the week.

The topic of research was developed because of how influential colleges are in Boston, economically and socially. Also, Boston is very well known for its universities, and many prominent ones exist within the city. Also, the universities selected are located closely to one another, making transportation simple and cost effective. Overall, the research topic was selected as a way to explore the influence and significance these colleges had in Boston.

Limitations in regard to travel could affect those with limited mobility or younger tour members. But, the alternate directions provided are available to assist those with limited mobility. Also, travel could be difficult if it is the first time using the MBTA. This could result is people having to use cars, and therefore pay for parking spots.

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Northeastern University was founded in 1898 as the Evening Institute for Younger Men in the Huntington Avenue YMCA. Over the next 40 years it transformed into a university with its first president being Frank Palmer Speare (Speare Hall loca... Read more
Wentworth Institute of Technology was opened on September 25th, 1911, years after the death of its founder, Arioch Wentworth. Wentworth himself stated in his will that the university was meant to “furnish education in the mechanical arts.... Read more
The founding of Simmons University is fairly unique. Despite being an all-female college, the founder was male.  John Simmons was a prominent clothing manufacturer and real estate developer. He died in 1870 and left his inheritance to crea... Read more
Emmanuel College is the first Catholic college built for women in New England. It was established by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in 1919, and is therefore preparing to celebrate its Centennial in 2019. The student population was main... Read more
Berklee College began as the Schillinger House in 1945, which was the only college-level school in the United States in which jazz acted the basis of the curriculum. As the university continued to expand it’s curriculum, Schillinger House... Read more
Boston University was founded in 1839 by a group of Methodist ministers who wished to establish a school that followed Methodist theologies. Therefore, Boston University has a strong methodist ideal base. The university was first named “N... Read more
The idea of Massachusetts Institute of Technology first arose in 1846 in a letter by William Barton Rogers, the eventual founder of the institution. He proposed the founding of a polytechnic school in Boston focused on the furthering of bas... Read more
Harvard was founded in 1636, only 16 years after the pilgrims arrived in Plymouth, making it the oldest institute of higher learning that is still functioning in the United States. Harvard was initially created with the purpose of training ... Read more


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