Ari Final Project

Exploring the Downtown Mall and Surrounding Area

Ari Final Project

Charlottesville, Virginia 22902, United States

Created By: Ari Oxford

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As the final project for AMST 4500, this guided walk around the downtown mall in Charlottesville explores my personal and family history of the place as well as the larger cultural and historical significance. This walk will take you to my personal favorite places as well as some of the most significant in Charlottesville. Charlottesville is located on Monacan land, but the history of this land and the downtown area specifically is sparsely available.

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Coming to the Downtown Mall from the Water St. Parking Garage, this is often one of the first things you will see. On August 12, 2017, amid the protests and counter protests over the removal of the Lee statue, one of the protesters drove a ... Read more
This is one of my favorite places in all of Charlottesville. I first learned about this tea shop because my mom's bakery sold cakes here, but I did not visit myself until I was exploring town on my own. The warm atmosphere, great tea, good ... Read more
This store has been here for as long as I can remember and is one of my go to places to get some simple, local food or just a drink on a hot day, or a candy when I was younger. 
Every Pride, march, or protest I have been to in Charlottesville happend or ended up here. While the Free Speech Wall does not always have inspiring or enlightening words it always has someone's thoughts to share. Everytime I walk by I like... Read more
This is a great place to go with young kids. Being homeschooled, my siblings and I were taken on many trips here over our childhoods. I honestly do not remember if we learned much, but I know we had fun and got out of the house. 
A bus station may not be very exciting, but it was a big part of my life for the three years that I went to PVCC. I could not drive and had to spend almost the whole day in town, regardless of my class schedule, so the CAT (Charlottesville ... Read more
I have run 5Ks though here and gone to my first Pride here. Previously known as the Sprint Pavilion, now the Ting Pavilion, it has gone through several names over the years, but it is extremely valuable as a covered, public space.
One place that everyone needs to visit is the Timberlake Drugstore. More of a museum than anything else at this point, the drugstore has been around since 1890. I have only been in here a few times and honestly the food is not that good. Ju... Read more
These days, Rapture is the closest Charlottesville has to a queer bar. There is sometimes live music in the evenings, but I would recommend it most for the brunch. I have been here with a large group of new queer friends after a march, but ... Read more
Chaps has been around since 1985 but it has a fun 1950s vibe. Before going vegan, this was one of my favorite places to get a scoop or burger on a hot day. I really do not think their menu has changed almost at all since they opened.
Opened in 1931, the Paramount is a Charlottesville classic. I have seen shows here including rock music on tesla coils, stand-up, the Nutcracker, classic movies, and more. I have even performed here once, though the audience was mostly empt... Read more
Rev Soup is one of my favorite lunch spots in town. They have a great variety of food and a chill atmosphere that is cozy and relaxing. They also source from a lot of local farms and have a map to show where your food came from.  ...
Violet Crown opened relatively recently but I still have many good memories here. I have seen more movies than I can remember with friends and family here. They have a great range of films, not just blockbusters, and a great kitchen.
I cannot say I am a huge comics fan, but when I am looking for a comic or manga, Telegraph is my first choice. This is more somewhere that I sometimes hangout, waiting to meet up with friends or browse just to waste time.
This has become my family's go-to brunch location to meet with my grandfather on the rare occasion we see each other. We used to go to the DoubleTree up 29, but after my grandmother died and my grandfather remarried, we switched to the Omni... Read more
This art center used to be an elementary school where someone or many someones I am related to probably went. Now it is a nice, free art center that has AC in the summer and public bathrooms. Also probably some good art. 
This is the best park in Charlottesville because it has a great playground, is safe being set back from the roads, and has plenty of shade trees. It is also normally quiet. I most recommend it for kids who would enjoy the playground equipme... Read more
Formerly Lee Park and Emancipation Park. This is a badly designed park as it is meant to be looked at, not used. It is also the inciting site of the August 12th protests, which were, franckly, traumatic, so for that reason too I do not like... Read more
This is where I did the aforementioned Library School and where I have done many play rehearsals. This building used to be a post office and courthouse and jail where someone I am related to somehow used to work as a jailer. Turns out the s... Read more
Finally, in the historic sites realm, this is the court house I went to to change my name, once I figured out how to get in. The court house has been around since 1761, approximately.


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