Deirdre final project

first year to fourth year

Deirdre final project

Charlottesville, Virginia 22911, United States

Created By: UVA

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A reflection on first year to fourth year. This tour starts at my first year dorm, makes its way through impactful places to me at UVA, and ends at my fourth year dorm. Enjoy :)

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Inspired by Sound  Before: Constant buzz of heavy machinery, chatter amongst construction workers, sounds of gravel crackling beneath the trucks that drive by  Now: Quiet. The construction has finished and there is a soft, mellow buzz of ... Read more
Inspired by Feeling:  Before: It felt like home. I always felt at ease here  Now: Although having a similar feeling, I also feel distance. Perhaps the distance of time
Inspired by Taste:  Before: I can taste the Nitro cold-brew that I first tried at the Greenberry's cafe in the Library  Now: I taste the minty gum in my mouth, as I walk through the formidable Clark Hall; the cafe is closed ...
Inspired by Feeling  Before: I can feel the vibrations from the Rapper T-Pain who was our Welcome Week artist  Now: I feel stillness. It is as if the anticipation from first year, reflected through the feeling of the chaos of the music, ... Read more
Inspired by Sound  Before: I could hear the artists practicing music for their concert  Now: I can hear practicing again. One of the first moments of continuity on this tour 
Inspired by Sight and Feeling:  Before and Now: This view has been my favorite view in Charlottesville since first year. Despite the weather, no matter what time of day, I am forever in love with this beautiful sight. I don't know why spe... Read more
Inspired by Feeling:  Before: I remember sitting in the opening ceremony of UVA for first years, looking up at the Rotunda. I felt scared and nervous. Specifically, I was nervous about who I was going to eat dinner with after the ceremony... Read more
Inspired by Smell Before: It was peaceful. It was a jungle of knowledge. It smelled of old books and mildew  Now: It smells of burning rubber. I can't even walk onto the steps as there are none-- just construction. No more books to be sme... Read more
Inspired by Sight  Before: I didn't know the Fine Arts library existed first year Now: I see my screen. I see the final bits of work that will result in the end of my college career. Bitter-sweet 
Inspired by Taste  Before: I can taste the Roots I would have at a picnic with my friends  Now: I can taste the Take-it-Away Sandwich I enjoy 
Inspired by Feeling:  Before: This area was a far away land  Now: This building has been my home the past year, so now it feels familiar. I feel a sense of the end, as this is the end of my tour, and the end of my fourth year ...


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