Downtown Charlottesville

A short walking tour (20-30 minutes) of my favorite spots as well as places that represent a dark but important history.

Downtown Charlottesville

Charlottesville, Virginia 22902, United States

Created By: Audrey Shaw

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Downtown Charlottesville means so much it's hard to explain. It's where I went for dinner with my mother in 2017 when I was touring Uva. It's a place I didn't really explore again until my third year when Covid prevented me from doing everything I love on grounds. It's a place I've grown, made some of the most beautiful memories, and will be excited to come back to whenever I return to Charlottesville. It's also an area of tragedy and part of a broader narrative of the way Charlottesville has destroyed neighborhoods to make more places for students like me to eat. I wanted to make a tour that would show my personal favorites, while also acknowledging the important history of the place. Enjoy!

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As silly as it seems to document a burger joint, this place will always hold a weirdly large place in my heart. Last April, an old flame reached out to reconnect and our first date was here. It was also the first time dining out in Charlott... Read more
2. This cemetery shouldn’t mean anything to me. No one I know is buried here. No one I love is buried here. And yet, it’s been a source of comfort for me these past two years, as inappropriate as that feels because it doesn’t deserve ... Read more
3. I wanted something to represent the indigenous history of Charlottesville in a place that means so much to me. I needed to contextualize my joy in the pain of stolen land. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, there’s no marker of the Monaca... Read more
4. Here is the spot where on August 11 & 12, a neo-nazi murdered Heather Heyer by accelerating down this street and hitting her. The downtown mall is full of cute little spots, but it’s also the site of this horror. I think one of the... Read more
5. There’s few places more important to me than bookstores because there’s few things more important to me than books. Both my parents are avid readers, and always encouraged me to read anything and everything. One of the first places I... Read more
6. Here I had dinner with my parents, my sister and her boyfriend, and my girlfriend and it felt like the merging of lives. The food was incredible, the atmosphere was perfect–like a little speakeasy, and as I looked around the table, I r... Read more
7. When I first walked into this place in Summer 2019, I remember feeling like I had left my normal world and entered into a fantasy world. The tea bazaar has such a transformative effect on your mind, immediately calming me down. The first... Read more


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