Town of Cornelius, NC

Bike tour of historical sites in Cornelius, NC

Town of Cornelius, NC

Cornelius, North Carolina 28031, United States

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This bkie tour starts with an opportunity to familiarize you with bike riding in a city landscape. A greenway ride is for enjoyment of nature. Then, the route goes through the old downtown of Cornelius. While some remaining historic builders are visible, the true story of the history of the town of Cornelius is the main feature.

Ride safe and enjoy the day.

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Pedego Lake Norman is a family-owned small business on a mission to connect the Lake Norman community to the joy of electric bikes. Owners, Tom and Grace Kennedy ,have been Huntersville residents since 2016, and their children can often be ... Read more
Welcome to a tour of the history of the town of Cornelius.  First, we will give some background of this region of the Piedmont country. Then, we will discuss the reason the town Cornelius was established. On our tour, we will point out som... Read more
Beginning in the colonial era, cotton was grown for personal use, as well as for market. One advantage of growing cotton was that it could be grown equally well in small or large quantities. It required little equipment or skill to produce ... Read more
The Antiquity Bridge and street connects Cornelius to the nearby town of Davidson. An audio tour of the Town of Davidson is available on this PocketStreets app.  Tap the green Continue Tour button on your phone
Tap the green Continue Tour button on your phone
A common practice of bike riding etiquette is to announce yourself when approaching persons from the rear who are walking in your direction of travel. A frequently used announcement is,  "approaching on your left", which bike riders make i... Read more
Before Cornelius was a settlement, this area was known as Virgin Springs. The location was about halfway on the road from Charlotte to Statesville. The spring was cool and fresh and was a good place to water and rest the horses. Settlers al... Read more
This is the end of the Antiquity Greenway. Exit the Greenway and proceed toward  the railroad crossing signals.  Tap the green Continue Tour button on your phone
We are currently Researching the history of the cotton mill.  The Cornelius Cotton Mill opened in the 1890’s where Food Lion and the Town Hall are located today. The mill was demolished in 1997 ??.  Tap the green Continue button on yo... Read more
Stop for a minute to hear this complete narrative.  In 1861, steam locomotives made their inaugural entry into the town of Cornelius. The railway line passed through Cornelius, connecting Statesville and Charlotte. However, the train servi... Read more
The Cornelius Cotton Mill opened in the 1890’s where Food Lion and the Town Hall are located today. The current Town Hall building was completed in 1999.  Tap the green Continue Tour button on your phone
The Cornelius Presbyterian Church was founded in April 1909. The church began as a Sunday School in times when transportation for members of the congregation was very difficult.  Presbyterians were not as numerous as Baptists and Methodist... Read more
The Cornelius branch Library received funding in 1929 from a grant from the Julius Rosenwald Fund. However, progress was halted because of the great depression in 1931. It wouldn’t be until after 1956 that the library was physically estab... Read more
Smithville was founded in 1910 and is one of the oldest communities and the largest concentration of African Americans in Cornelius, with roots dating back to the 1880s. Originally called Lemley by freed slaves around 1869, it was renamed S... Read more
Research needed - planted by Torrence Chapel AME Zion Church about 1917 ?.  Tap the green Continue Tour button on your phone  
The Fidler House was constructed in 1919 by W.C. Fidler and designated as a local historic landmark in 2007. It is an example of craftsman-style bungalow homes that were popular in the 1900s. Until 2005, the house had remained in the Fidle... Read more
In 1885 R.J. Stough, a widower, was raising a family as a single parent. He established the first school, located near Mt. Zion United Methodist Church. Stough hired Miss Emma Thompson as the first teacher. The next year, Stough remarried. ... Read more
In the early 1900s, Doctor William Washam earned a medical degree from North Carolina Medical College which was then located at Davidson College. His office was in this house with patients coming and going through the side entrance. He perf... Read more
Pott’s Barbershop has been in the same spot on Catawba Avenue since the 1960s. It was originally opened in 1952. The building was designated as a historic landmark by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historical Landmark Commission in October, 20... Read more
In 2013, Cornelius recognized the need for an arts and cultural venue. $4 million of municipal bond funds were allocated to create an arts district. In 2017, the town purchased the 1.85 acre lot where Cain Center for the Arts is now situate... Read more
The Oak Street Mill was originally called the Gem Yarn Mill. In the late 1800s, Joseph Benjamin Cornelius supplied the money for the building. It was incorporated in 1907 and closed in 1962.  The Gem Yarn Mill is the only remaining cotton... Read more
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