Dixon - City of Murals

Murals depicting the history of Dixon Missouri.

Dixon - City of Murals

Dixon, Missouri 65459, United States

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Dixon's storytelling begins with a walking tour of downtown where tourists learn about the history of Dixon which is rich in railroad history, agriculture, farming, music, and life in rural America.

"The story behind the mural was a way for the students to become involved in their community while improving the aesthetics of the vacated buildings in the town. Community heads, school officials, and staff felt it was a great opportunity for the town and an example of the student's amazing talents at Dixon High. By utilizing all of these aspects everyone was able to pull together and truly do something for the greater good.

I was given several visual images that community members felt represented what Dixon is. I polled the students for ideas and took the images from the community and the students and arranged them in a way that would fit accordingly to space on the building. Many of the images are irrelevant to each other but they are the down-home attributes that make Dixon such a unique little community so many are proud to call home.

When first posed with the opportunity the students became very excited and eager to do the painting which made the implementation of the mural extremely enjoyable. From start to finish we were only given 3 days which consisted of approximately 15 hours to paint the roughly 1000 square foot mural. The city was extremely helpful in getting us water for our brushes and providing one of 3 sets of scaffolding we had to use. As locals drove by they gave the students highly encouraging comments, donated food and water, and took out time to make sure the students had everything they needed. These types of projects that encompass the community and students as a whole are what will continue to enrich student's lives and give them something to truly remember about where they are from, the people in their lives, and the education they received. " Jake Kloeppel, Dixon High School Art Instructor, 2014-2015

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Farming is an economic driver in and around Dixon.  From cattle, crops to shrimp.  Long ago Dixon was also known for a large tomato farm.
This mural on the side of that building depicts our link to the Military, the Farming community, our Cow Days Celebration held the third weekend in September (you even have a chance to win a cow!), and favorite pastimes like boating,  hunt... Read more
Dixon began as a railroad boomtown in 1869 and soon became a commerce community.   Notice all the old keys strung up in the window?  You will also discover unusual collectibles on display!
Dixon is home to some well-done murals that tell the town’s history through the railroad. Dixon was a boomtown during the railroad expansion. Today, the community of about 1,500 still enjoys watching and hearing the trains roll through. ...
Mural depicting the Dixon Depot which is no longer.
Mural depicting the old Jerome bridge over the Gasconade River.  This bridge is still used for rail transportation to this day.
Trail and Crossing Sign Mural's.


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