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Edmonton, Alberta T5T 3J7, Canada

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These are the 9 cities ranked in the world on culture, economics, and tourist attractions.

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Edmonton, AB Canada was ranked at 1 because of the West Edmonton Mall, Paris may have culture and sorbet, but it can't compete with their mall. This mall has a water park, a hotel, an Imax, and many many restaurants.
Paris was ranked second because it doesn't have a waterpark mall, but has a delicious dessert called sorbet. It also didn't have 90,000 pounds of tea dumped into its bay.
Boston MA was ranked at 3 because it had many strong women to impower other women. We desined a bill with Lousia May Alcott on it. I also chose it because of the fact this is where America said we are independent. Also because WA DC is th... Read more
Washington DC was ranked at 4 because it's the capital of the united states. This is where Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson decided the capital should be. Also, this is where the memorial is for all the African Americans sacrificed ... Read more
Philadelphia PA was ranked at 5 because of the statue on top of Philadelphia City Hall, its William Penn who is a quaker like the brand. Also because the Declaration of Independence was signed here. But also because it is not being thre... Read more
Olympia was ranked at 6 because it marks the end of the Oregon Trail with a rock. Another reason its ranked 6 is because people want Seattle not Olypima as the capital. Also because it was named Olympia by Issac Ebey because of the view o... Read more
Berlin was ranked at 7 because it had a wall separating the city in two one side democratic, and the other communist. It also has the Siegessaule which lost its meaning and regained in with two battles. One last thing because of the museu... Read more
Beijing was ranked at 8 because millions died building the Great Wall of China between 1368 and 1644.  There was also the Huns which is why they built the wall but still lost millions in the process. But they have great art like oil paint... Read more
London UK was ranked at 9 and last because of the unemployment rate in 2016 at a national average of 5%. They also had a huge problem in roads that are decaying, they could put them all on the roads but nooo! lets be diffuclt. I mean it w... Read more


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