The Storm Drain Art Project

The Storm Drain Art Project

Elkhart, Indiana 46514, United States

Created By: Ruthmere

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The Storm Drain Art Project is an opportunity to celebrate Elkhart's rivers and discover ways for residents and visitors to work together to protect these beautiful water resources.

Storm drains keep roads safe by draining rainwater and snowmelt away from travel lanes. As this water flows from the road, it also transports rubber, trash, soil, grass clippings, and other pollutants with it. Since most storm drains are connected directly to our rivers, this drainage can then become a significant source of pollution.

The City of Elkhart Stormwater Utility teamed up with local artists to provide educational artwork on sidewalks next to eight storm drains in downtown Elkhart. These messages should help connect all of us to these important local water resources through recreation, protection, or natural wonder.

The City of Elkhart is thankful for all of the time and effort put into this important public education project by the artists and to the sponsors for their financial support. Thank you also to the Ruthmere Museum for putting together this App to share the project information with the public.

Our Sponsors:

1 - Artist: Sidney Perkins, Sponsor: Crowe LLP

2 - Artists: Corvilla Inc.Studio Five 9, Sponsor: The Electric Brew

3 - Artist: Gina Neal, Sponsor: Anonymous

4 - Artist: Rylee Olmstead, Sponsor: Ruthmere Museum

5 - Artists: West Side Middle School Art Club , Sponsor: Alpha Rho of Elkhart Chapter Tri Kappa

6 - Artist: Leah Borden, Sponsor: ADEC Inc.

7 - Artist: Brenda Overbey, Sponsor: Hopman Jewelers

8 - Artist: Della Prine, Sponsor: Jones Petrie Rafinski, Corp.

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Artist Sidney Perkins Message Everything that is dropped on the road pollutes our rivers. Our rivers are worth protecting. Inspiration for the Artwork The artwork for this project depicts how human waste has harmful effects on rivers and wi... Read more
Artist Corvilla - Studio Five 9 Message Flowing water creates life. Inspiration for the Artwork Studio Five 9’s storm drain painting focuses on the reasons why it is important to protect our waterways from pollutants. The painting represe... Read more
Artist Gina Neal Message Consider the river before you litter. Inspiration for the Artwork This piece is entitled "Consider the river before you litter.” The inspiration behind it is just as the title suggests, to think about where that p... Read more
Artist Rylee Olmstead Message Embrace the Resource Inspiration for the Artwork The design features a woman (representing our rivers and ourselves) and a catfish, loosely based on the Channel Catfish. Her hair transforms into flowing water, ... Read more
Artist West Side Middle School Art Club Message Keep it clean. # No filter Inspiration for the Artwork West Side Middle School Art Club worked to understand the relationship between people and their local waters. Through their art, they wan... Read more
Artist Leah Borden Message A resource worth protecting, how big is your footprint? Inspiration for the Artwork Growing up spending summers on our lakes and having conservation talks and projects with her father and brother, Leah has had a l... Read more
Artist Brenda O Message Don’t forget we’re below only let the raindrops flow Inspiration for the Artwork The artwork, titled “Friends Below,” serves as a reminder to protect the little creatures in Elkhart's beautiful rivers. Elkhar... Read more
Artist Della Prine Message Fish live at the end of this drain. Inspiration for the Artwork “Fish Live at The End of This Drain” was created as a vivid reminder to all who pass by of the amazing living creatures who are affected by what ... Read more


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