HRT 212 Plant Walk 1: Pines and Fir

HRT 212 Plant Walk 1: Pines and Fir

East Lansing, Michigan 48910, United States

Created By: Michigan State University

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Walk 1 for 2024; Note some of the photos are the exact plants we saw, others are different specimens. The locations are correct.

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Pinus ponderosa Note LONGEST needles of our pines, in bunches of 3, sometimes 2 cones prickly
Pinus nigra Note large white terminal buds, needles in bunches of 2, long and dark green Platey bark
Pinus bungeana Note exfoliating bark, 3 needles per bundle
Pinus strobus Note needles in bunches of 5, very soft texture prominent white lines hortizontal branching
Pinus sylvestris Note orange bark, 2 needles per bundle, slight twist note cones have diamond shaped scales
Larix decidua Note spur shoots and lots of small cones
Pinus mugo Note "shrub-like" habit, needles in bunches of 2
Abies concolor Note blue color, needles single, flat, point up from branch like a hairbush
Pinus densiflora 'Umbraculifera'  aka Tanyosho Pine Note orange bark, leaves in bunches of  2  
Abies balsamea Note needles single, green, strong balsam scent V-grove in center of branch as if branches were pressed in a book
Pinus parviflora Note branches stiffly horizontal, needles groups in tuft-like bunches, needles in 5's cones hortizontal
Pinus flexilis Note very flexible stems, needles in bunches of 5 (These specimens are off-color)


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