HRT 212 Plant Walk 5: Ornamental Trees Part 1

Magnolia, Aesculus, Hamamelis, Salix etc

HRT 212 Plant Walk 5: Ornamental Trees Part 1

East Lansing, Michigan 48910, United States

Created By: Michigan State University

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Our first group of ornamental trees

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Magnolia virginiana Note evergreen leaves, thick like rhododendron Buds typical of the family (two large bud scales) but not fuzzy like other magnolias
Magnolia denudata Note very large habit and BIG terminal flower buds with fuzz shorter than star and longer than saucer magnolias
Parrotia persica Note exfoliating bark and velvety chocolate brown flower buds
Salix 'Flame" Note: ALTERNATE branching Single bud scales most intense color on young wood
Salix matsudana 'Torulosa' Note twisted growth of stems, single bud scales; messy tree drops lots of branches
Euonymus fortunei Note, opposite parallel leaf veination, climbing habit
Liriodendron tulipifera Note very straight trunk, buds like M. virginiana High in canopy seed clusters shaped like tulip
Cotinus coggygria Note large shrubby habit look "singed" around leaf scar (which looks like an elf?) Veggie odor when scratched
Hamamelis x intermedia  'Arnold Promise' clear yellow flowers 'Jelena' flower petals orange at base and yellow Note:  flowers blooming Feb-March, strap-like petals and woody calyx cups Zig-Zag pattern to branches, which are very horizont... Read more
Stewartia pseudocamellia Note exfoliating bark Buds size and shape of an artist's paintbrush, on small raised stalks
Magnolia stellata  Note: Buds covered in dense fuzz (longest of our magnolias) Two bud scales, smooth light gray bark (This is a very old specimen, unusually large)
Cercis canadensis  Note: Dark brown stems, zig-zag twigs "caulifori" buds - small flower buds all along the stem  Brown pea pod fruit Cinnamon colored inner bark on trunks
Magnolia x soulangiana Note: coarse, clubby habit Smooth gray bark large buds with fuzz the textrure of velvet
Chionanthus virginicus Branches have funky habit, curving down then up Stems flattened at the nodes Leaf scars like two black ovals,  one on top of the other
Aesculus parviflora Note multi-stemmed suckering shrub habit remenants of 10-12" long flower spikes at terminal of most branches twin terminal buds with large overlapping bud scales three bundle traces in the leaf scars looks like an "ooh" ... Read more
Hamamelis virginiana Note: Branching habit like H. x intermedia Calyx cups still visible on stems, flowers in fall
Aesculus hippocastanum Note: very large, sticky terminal buds, large overlapping bud scales 7 bundle traces in the (huge) leaf scars very large habit
Aesculus x carnea Note: Buds intermediate between A. Hippocastanum and A. parviflora.   Terminal buds present, large, but lacking sticky resin.   Bundle traces usually 5 May be single or multi-stemmed ...
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