Cascadilla Gorge Trail

Cascadilla Gorge was originally preserved and donated to Cornell University by Robert H. Treman in 1909

Cascadilla Gorge Trail

Ithaca, New York 14850, United States

Created By: Cornell Botanic Gardens

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Cascadilla Gorge is truly a "gorges" display of rock, water and trees. Follow the trail from here to explore the geology and ecology of this creek and Gorge.

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Cascadilla Creek drops 400 feet from campus to downtown Ithaca, carving through bedrock - shales, siltstone and sandstone - exposing sedimentary rocks that were deposited 400 million years ago. From here, take a set of stairs to a waterfall... Read more
This is a popular vantage point for taking pictures. This is one of 6 watefalls you will pass if you take the trail to the bottom of the gorge. Cascadilla Gorge is comprised of two types of sedimentary rock—shale and sandstone. When the w... Read more
The water of Cascadilla Creek began carving this gorge after the most recent glacier melted from this region over 12,000 years.  As the glacier melted, glacial debris buried the east-west flowing stream valleys, including Cascadilla Creek.... Read more
The bridge ahead was built at the same time the stone stairs were built through the gorge in the 1920's. Cascadilla Gorge was originally preserved and donated to Cornell University by Robert H. Treman in 1909 to support public use, educatio... Read more
Maintaining the trails, railings and other structures in the gorge is challenging. From 2008 until 2014, most of this gorge trail was closed in order to repair almost all of the trails in the gorge and was restored through funding provided ... Read more
This is an ideal place to take a close look at the gorge bedrock. If you look at the gorge walls, you can see alternating layers of blocky sandstone and thinner, breakable layers of sandstone. The layers of sedimentary rock exposed within t... Read more
The gate here was built to close the gorge during winter months, when it is not safe to hike the gorge. As wonderful and beautiful as all our gorges and natural areas are, exploring them isn’t risk free. You can help keep yourself and you... Read more
Congratulations! What has taken you about an hour to hike has taken Cascadilla Creek thousands of years to carve. From here, Cascadilla Creek flows through the City of Ithaca to meet nearby Cayuga Lake in about a mile.


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