Ithaca College Orientation 2019 Tour

Discover the Commons with this quick tour!

Ithaca College Orientation 2019 Tour

Ithaca, New York 14850, United States

Created By: New Student and Transition Programs (Ithaca College)

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Explore the Ithaca Commons from the eyes of an Ithaca College student. The Commons has much to offer, so make sure to hit all of the highlighted spots! The Boathouse is also included on this tour, so be sure to check it out along the Cayuga Waterfront Trail!

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Welcome to downtown Ithaca!  The 11 TCAT Bus Line starts at Ithaca College and goes directly to this stop in the Commons. Students can use the Ithaca Transit app to plan their bus trips. Each bus stop also has a text feature so that you c... Read more
Welcome to the Dewitt Mall, one of Ithaca's Historic Buildings! Here, students can shop for unique items and eat delicious food. Moosewood Restaurant on the first floor of the building is known for their vegetarian cuisine, and The Moosewoo... Read more
From here, you can see all of the Commons and the many local stores, event spaces, and fun opportunities it has to offer! During festivals (and sometimes even on an average day) the Commons comes to life with many vendors and people crowdin... Read more
The State Theatre of Ithaca is one of the coolest (and most historic!) entertainment spots in the Commons. Visit the box office for tickets to live music or a theatrical performance in this beautiful theater! Many types of events happen... Read more
Press Bay Alley is a unique micro-retail space where students can shop, eat delicious food, or study for an upcoming exam. This alley also presents great photo opportunities!
Cinemapolis is a great place to catch a movie in the Commons! This is a unique spot and local favorite where students can see all types of new releases and oldies. Make sure to bring your student I.D. for a discount! 
Students can catch the TCAT Bus Line 11 back up to Ithaca College from here. If you're interested in heading to NYC, Philadelphia, Boston, or anywhere else outside of Ithaca, charter buses pick passengers up daily in front of Urban Outfitte... Read more
The Downtown Ithaca Alliance (DIA) is a non-profit organization that serves the people of Ithaca by managing and programming various community events, transportation efforts, tourism, and more. The DIA hosts many of Ithaca's famous festiva... Read more
This statue of rememberance for Erin Schlater serves as a memorial as well as a place for a celebration of all youth, their hopes, and their aspirations. She is famously found in many visitors' Intragram and Facebook photos! 
This stage is home to local music events in Ithaca! During many of Ithaca's festivals, you will find all types of music, gatherings, and more centered around this stage. If you find yourself in Ithaca during the summer, visit the pavillion... Read more
Aurora Street is known for its various restaurants which represent every cuisine! This street is a part of town nicknamed "Restaurant Row" and features some local favorites. Fun Fact: Ithaca has more restaurants per capita than New York ... Read more
This trail is a short walk from the Commons, and it is worth it for the "gorges" views. This trail ascends over 400 feet past six waterfalls and connects Cornell with the Ithaca community. With over 100 waterfalls in a 10-mile radius of IC... Read more
Follow the path along the Waterfront Trail to get to the Farmer's Market from the TCAT Garage bus stop. 
The Farmers Market is a staple of Ithaca! Here, you can find local produce or goods and enjoy a great view of the Cayuga Lake.
The Robert Tallman Rowing Center, highlighted by the Ward Romer Boathouse was opened in August 2012 at 692 Third Street extension.  The Rowing Center will have an Open House with tours and free ice cream on Saturday, August 24 from 9am ... Read more
There are so many things Ithaca has to offer! We hope you enjoyed our New Student tour of the Ithaca Commons! This is just a taste of what the Commons (and Ithaca) has to offer, and we hope you will come back to explore. You can catch the ... Read more


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