Lakshman Sagar Healing Forest Walk

Healing Forest walks are meditative walks that we take in nature, either alone or in small groups. It is an effective way of finding calm and balance. Nature helps us in becoming free of negative thoughts that pull us down, and through the walks we find a

Lakshman Sagar Healing Forest Walk

Kheenwal, Rajasthan 306304, India

Created By: Sewara

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The 3 key values of a healing forest walk are silence, going slow and focusing on our senses. It is not about physical exercise or collecting information. The aim is to quieten the voice in our heads and fill ourselves with a feeling of calm. This experience is unique to each person as we all interpret the world differently. No one knows your mind better than you. Look for things in nature which call out to you and fill you with peace.

Senses: Focus on the senses to bring your awareness to the present moment. Give importance to each of the different senses, one at a time. This directs your attention away from unwanted thoughts. When you notice nature more closely it’s easy to fill yourself with awe, wonder, and inspiration.

Slow: Don’t hurry or rush. Make a conscious effort to slow down your pace. By spending more time at a place, you build a deeper relationship with it. You begin to observe more and will start to make new connections.

Silence: Shift from thinking to sensing, and from sensing to feeling. By staying with our feelings, we can learn to carry the forest within us. Even when we are not in nature, the peace and serenity of the forest can be a part of us and influence people around us.

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Lakshman Sagar is spread over thirty two acres along a man-made lake. It is made up of twelve cottages all designed in keeping with the environment and nestled in the natural topography of the land. Influenced by the indigenous Rajasthan... Read more
Touted as one of the hidden gems of Rajasthan, the picture perfect surrounding of Lakshman Sagar not only make it a perfect romantic destination but also a place to disconnect from the hustle bustle of the city life. For an authentic local ... Read more
Move in small groups and in silence. The idea is to talk less and listen more. To experience nature around us with awareness. Over the course of this walk, you undertake short tasks (Forest meditations) that deepen your connection with the ... Read more


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