Walking Tour of LaGrange Historic District - Tour #3

Spring and Kensington Ave between Cossitt and 47th

Walking Tour of LaGrange Historic District - Tour #3

La Grange, Illinois 60525, United States

Created By: LaGrange Area Historical Society

Tour Information

This tour begins at the intersection of Spring and Cossitt Avenues and ends near the intersection of Kensington and Cossitt. Like other tours, it features homes in the styles shown in this booklet. All houses marked with asterisks were identified ruing the creation of the Historic District as being of first architectural significance to the Village.

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101 South Spring is a vernacular house among the homes cited for particular architectural significance. Note the graceful arches of the porch and the sidelights at the entrance.  
109 South Spring is an interesting vernacular which blends classical elements with a Mansard roof over a basic foursquare design. It is known as the Clarke Edward Warren House. Mr. Warren served on the vestry of Emmanuel Church for twelve y... Read more
112 South Spring was the home of Harley Bradford Mitchell. He was Village President from 1905-1907, a founder of the La Grange State Bank, and a county commissioner. He was also president of Mitchell Brothers Publishing Company, publishers ... Read more
126 South Spring is an example of the Victorian.
136 South Spring was built in 1902. Its original owner was P. Eustice, who moved to La Grange in 1891 and was instrumental in establishing the public library and the country club.
205 South Spring is a Queen Anne house built in 1890 and later remodeled by William Hulsberg. It is known as the Judge Barnes House and was also the boyhood home of Graham Hunter, the artist-creator of “Little People.” Notice the orname... Read more
222 South Spring is known as the Pratt House. George Pratt served in the Civil war; when he celebrated his 100th birthday, Mr. Pratt was honored with a historic party as the last surviving veteran of the Civil War to be living in La Grange.... Read more
308 South Spring was the home of Charles Wales, developer of the first adding machine and of electric pipe organ action.
314 South Spring belonged to the nationally famous designer of stage scenery, Walter Wilcox Burridge. Mr. Burridge designed the set for the first stage production of the Wizard of Oz, which was performed at the Chicago Grand Opera, and for ... Read more
345 South Spring was the home of the State Senator Arthur W. Sprague. It is an enlarged foursquare style with lattice windows throughout.
350 South Spring was once owned by Louise M. Greeley, a former Village attorney and a Village trustee from 1930-1931. This Colonial revival home features a cross gambrel roof and a flat portico in front with classical column supports. It al... Read more
405 South Spring is a vernacular house that combines elements of the Prairie, Victorian, and other styles. Note the bay with leaded glass windows, the double dormer, and the horizontal lines. The plan is from the American Foursquare, the do... Read more
416 South Spring is another vernacular that has undergone little alteration. The cottage-like effect is achieved through the roofline, large dormer, and stucco finish.
421 South Spring is an example of a vernacular house. Notice the sidelights beside the doors.
425 South Spring is a vernacular house that borrows from the American Foursquare and Queen Anne/Victorian. Notice the unusual treatment under the eaves.
431 South Spring was the home of Frank A. Mitchell, Chairman of the Executive Committee and member of the Board of Directors of the Chicago Association of Commerce. It is an enlarged American foursquare.
437 South Spring is a simplified Queen Anne style. It was the home of Dr. Paul Guilford, a well-known eye, ear, and throat specialist. Dr. Guilford was president of the Chicago Ophthalmological Society.
445 South Spring belonged to A.R.  Wagenknight and to O.P. Chamberlain. It is a vernacular based on the American Foursquare. Notice the lovely front entrance with sidelights. Also of interest are the two story bays on both sides of the fa... Read more
448 South Spring is another excellent example of vernacular architecture. The wide front porch and horizontal effect give it a prairie-style appearance.
425 South Kensington is a wood-shingle bungalow. It is the former home of Goodman and Giorgia Mottelson, whose son won a Nobel Prize for his work in physics.            
          418 South Kensington belonged to Marshall Miles, a partner of F.D Cossitt in the real estate and insurance business. Mr. Miles was married to Mr. Cossitt’s daughter Jean. Mr. Miles’ mother worked for women’s rights a... Read more
334 South Kensington is a vernacular house with elements of the Italianate (notice the paired rounded windows throughout), Victorian, and American Foursquare. The house resembles a small church partly because of the high pitch of the roof. ... Read more
315 South Kensington was the only house on this block when William Hulsberg designed it for his brother Herman. It is an American Foursquare.
304 South Kensington was once owned by John G. Birks, for whom Birks Court (a street in La Grange) was named. Mr. Birks was a Village trustee from 1951-1955 and was Village president from 1955-1962. The house is a vernacular based on the Am... Read more
This Queen Anne Style home was built in 1894 by an architect with the name of Tilden who was also the first resident. Previous owners included David Sackett who lived in this home from 1937-1958.  He is a 1952 graduate of Lyons Township Hi... Read more
223 South Kensington is a Tudor-like vernacular built c. 1907 by Henry Sands and Designed by Joseph C. Llewellyn, a prominent architect and La Grange resident. The house has been altered several times.
212 South Kensington is a Queen Anne/Victorian with a lovely Wrap-around porch with trellis and interesting windows. Notice the unusual shingles.
201 South Kensington is the Emmanuel Episcopal Church. The present structure was designed in 1925 by John Tilton, Jr., after a previous one designed by his father was destroyed by fire. An even earlier church on this site had been designed ... Read more
135 South Kensington is known as the Griesbach home. It was also owned by George J. Corey, United States Consul in Amsterdam. Mrs. Corey was the second president of the La Grange Women’s Club. The Top floor of the house was destroyed by a... Read more
129 South Kensington is an example of the vernacular/Italianate. Notice the broad hipped roof, the elaborate cornice, the pairs of brackets under the eaves, and other details.
123 South Kensington is a vernacular based on the American Foursquare and designed c. 1920 by J.N. Tilton, who was the original owner. Mr. Tilton, who was born in Rome, Italy, and was an architect and thirty-year resident of La Grange. He w... Read more
103 South Kensington is a little altered Victorian/Queen Anne and is known as the Lord House. The Lord Lumber Company once stood on the corner of Hillgrove and Waiola Avenues. Note the stained glass in the vestibule, the turret, and the fa... Read more


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