Launceston Architecture A

A tour of Launceston's architecture, from the 19th to the 21st centuries (Part A)

Launceston Architecture A

Launceston, Tasmania 7250, Australia

Created By: University of Tasmania

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This is a walking tour in two parts of central Launceston's architecture, including buildings from the 19th to the 21st centuries. This is Part A (though you can do them in any order). The tour has been designed for architectural history students but others should find it interesting and enjoyable.

Acknowledgements to information checked with previous surveys of Launceston architecture, notably M & R Morris-Nunn/Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery's Twentieth Century Architecture in Launceston (1985), and Stuart King/University of Tasmania's Victorian, Federation and Interwar Launceston Walking Tours (2015).

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What You'll See on the Tour

Location: Willis Street Year: 1932 Style: Industrial Functional Note the brick structure with steel bracing and especially how 'COOK WITH GAS' can be read on the upper wall due to placement of gaps in the brickwork ...
Location: 112 Cimitiere Street Year: 2019 Architect: LXN Builder: Fairbrother P/L Style: Neo-Modernist/Postmodernist Notes: Designed to complement The Corner Store (next Stop), a slightly Venturi-esque treatment of openings and brickw... Read more
Location: corner Cimitiere Street and Tamar Street Year: 2016 Architect: LXN Builder: Cowan Building Style: Neo-Modernist/Postmodernist Notes: A commercial/retail development, drawing on local industrial and commercial precedents (Inc... Read more
Location: corner Cimitiere Street and Tamar Street Year: 1931 Architect: Colin Philp Builder: Hinman, Wright & Manser Style: Art Deco/Brick Expressionist/ Notes: Plans are currently being prepared to adaptively reuse this building ... Read more
Location: Cimitiere Street/Tamar Street Year: 2020 Architect: Cumulus Studio Style: Modernist/Regionalist Notes: Brickwork references Harraps opposite, but employing faceted façade elements to break up its monolithic bulk. ...
Location: corner Cimitiere Street and Tamar Street/City Park Year: 1891 Architect: John Duncan Builder: John Farmillo Style: Neo-Classical/French Renaissance Revival Notes: Constructed for the Tasmanian exhibition of 1891-2 (compare t... Read more
Location: Tamar Street/City Park Year: 1887 Architect: Corrie and North Style: Arts & Crafts/Queen Anne Notes: Possibly based on the gatekeepers lodge at Kew Gardens, London. An example of a rusticated domestic style that influenced... Read more
Location: City Park Year: 2014 Style: Australian/Japanese Regionalist Notes: A shelter for viewing snow monkeys (a gift from Ikeda, Japan) on the former site of the city's zoo. The viewing shelter abstracts a blend of local and Japanese... Read more
Location: City Park Year: 1932 Architect: T.F. Rowland Style: Art Deco/Spanish Mission Notes: modelled on Fitzroy Gardens Conservatory, Melbourne (and there's also a very similar building you can visit if you're on Bass Highway going t... Read more
Location: City Park Year: 1897 Manufacturer: Walter Macfarlane & Co Style: Gothic Revival Notes: A prefabricated cast iron structure, manufactured by Walter Macfarlane & Co in Glasgow, Scotland, for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubi... Read more
Location: Tamar Street/York Street/City Park Year: 1896/2001 Architect: (2001 addition) Richard Leplastrier and David Travalia Style: (original) Neo-Romanesque;,(addition): Modernist/Regionalist Notes: The original building started li... Read more
Location: 16 Brisbane Street Year: 1930 Architect: Frank Heyward Builder: Hinman, Wright & Manser Style: Art Deco/Neo-Classical Notes: Note the eclecticism of this façade - from the Tuscan columns around the entry to the internall... Read more
Location: 45 Brisbane Street Year: 1934 Architect: Colin Philp Builder: J & T Gunn Style: Art Deco/Gothick Notes: Note the symmetrical composition and combination of free Gothic (Gothick) references and dynamic Art Deco elements ...
Location: 51 Brisbane Street Year: 1956 Style: Modernist Notes: Arcade and strip of shopfronts, with a composed façade of vertical rectilinear windows and grid pattern surface
Location: 55/57 Brisbane Street Year: c1930 Architect: Builder: Style: Art Deco Notes: The present façade is an alteration to the original 1911 building. The building's Art Deco style was very popular in theatres in the 1920s and 1930s... Read more
Location: corner Brisbane Street and George Street Year: c.1980 Style: Brutalist Notes: A ordered composition of precast concrete panels, each containing a window with rounded corners, with entries below demarcated by the bank of panels ... Read more
Location: corner Brisbane Street and George Street Year: 1936 Architect: Roy Sharrington Smith and H. East Builder: J & T Gunn Style: Art Deco/Streamlined Moderne Notes: The aerodynamic design relates to the buildings original own... Read more
Location: Corner Paterson Street and George Street Year: 1937 Architect: Roy Sharrington Smith and H. East Builder: GJ Luck Style: Art Deco/Streamlined Moderne Notes: A simple but elegant composition to round a commercial corner, inco... Read more
Location: corner George Street and Cameron Street Year: 1902 Architect: Alexander North Style: Gothic Revival Notes: on the site of an earlier church by James Blackburn built in 1842 (this church still includes stained glass windows fr... Read more
Location: 66 Cameron Street Year: 1892 Architect: Corrie and North Builder: J & T Gunn Style: Neo-Romanesque Notes: Constructed of a mixture of imported Victorian bluestone and local sandstone ...
Location: corner Cameron Street and St John Street Year: 1890 Architect: Government Architect/Corrie and North Builder: James Hill/J & T Gunn Style: Neo-Romanesque/Queen Anne Notes: The clock tower was added in 1908. Note the relie... Read more
Location: corner Cimitiere Street and St John Street Year: 1842 Style: Warehouse vernacular Notes: Established as a warehouse and general store, influenced by English and Dutch colonial warehouse architecture. ...
Location: 87-89 Esplanade Year: 1888 Architect: WW Eldridge (Government Architect) Builder: J & T Gunn Style: Renaissance Revival Notes: Established to collect revenue from Tasmania's mining industries, and designed (in grander s... Read more
Location: corner St John Street and Esplanade Year: 1967 Architect: Don Goldsworthy: City Architect's Dept  Style:  Expressionist/Modernist Notes: An inventive little structure, the main building being a decagon in plan, integrating ... Read more
Location: corner Esplanade and Shields Street Year: 1882/1910 onwards Style: Warehouse Vernacular/Functional Notes: A mixture of simple utilitarian/functional structures, with later 20th century additions blending with earlier 19th cent... Read more
Location: corner William Street and George Street Year: 1838 Architect: John Lee Archer Style: Neo-Classical Notes: A small but elegant colonnade forms the original front for the building, one of the few buildings in Launceston by renow... Read more
Location: William Street Year: 1881 Architect: Corrie and North Builder: J & T Gunn Style: Arts & Crafts/Queen Anne Notes: Drawing on the traditional architecture of the British oast house, a conical roof sits above and behind... Read more
Location: William Street/Tamar Street Year: various Style: Warehouse Functional, Modernist/Brutalist, Postmodernist Notes: Look at the Tamar/William street frontages of Boag's brewery, comparing the mixture of Victoria-era warehouse, Mod... Read more


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