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Lockeport is a town and port in Shelburne County, Nova Scotia. It is a traditional Nova Scotian fishing town, situated on a peninsula in Allendale Bay. It is connected to the mainland by the Crescent Beach causeway. The area that surrounds the bay is known as the "Ragged Islands."


In 1762, two families from Massachusetts journeyed to Nova Scotia in an effort to find a new colony that was closer to the rich fishing grounds of the Grand Banks. When they found the sheltered Allendale Bay, they knew they had found a gem in the rough. Situated halfway between the colonies in New England and the fishing grounds, their new town would be a centre for both fishing and trade.

The patriarchs of those first two families, Jonathan Locke and Josiah Churchill, went on to become the captains of industry in the area. Churchill became the first mayor of the Township of Locke's Island (registered in Liverpool in 1764).

Locke's Island and its surroundings entered a period of booming industry, with hotels, trade warehouses and multiple fish plants being constructed. Large trade ships plied the sea lanes from Locke's Island to the West Indies to tradelumber and salt cod, returning to the town laden with molasses and salt. The fishing schooners were constantly returning from the Banks loaded with cod. However, this golden age of the Ragged Islands would eventually come to an end, with the first of many catastrophes coming in the form of a fish market collapse in the 1890s. Subsequent fires plagued the town, and the once great community was brought to its knees.

In 1907, a meeting was held among the rate-payers of the town. It was obvious to all in attendance that drastic action would need to be taken in order to stimulate the economy of Locke's Island. They decided that the Township of Locke's Island would become the Town of Lockeport. By incorporating as a town, the community was able to receive money from the provincial government.

The money initially received by the town was used to construct a ferry that would link the town with a nearby rail line.

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Old Mill on the Tigney River - This historic old mill sits next to the Tom Tigney river and Tigney River Trail. It is a picturesque structure throughout all the seasons. The mill was a Carding Mill in its day, used to prepare wool for spin... Read more
Tom Tigney Trail The Tom Tigney Trail is located along the abandoned Halifax and Southwestern railway line. The railway carried passengers and freight between Halifax and Yarmouth from 1907 to 1969. The trail winds through a quiet residenti... Read more
A great spot to bring a picnic. Enjoy the fresh air and trees. 
Footbridge Trail The Footbridge trailhead is located on property owned by the Sable River Volunteer Fire Department. The trail, which leads from the parking area to the century-old swinging bridge known as “The Footbridge”, is clearly m... Read more
Louis Head’s kilometer long sand beach is located at the mouth of the Sable River. Popular all year round with walkers and runners, it’s long been a place where local residents have gathered for family picnics and swimming during the su... Read more
Working farmland for many generations, Hemeon’s Head is now an important addition to coastal conservation lands in the MDS. In 2013, the Nova Scotia Nature Trust (NSNT) and Acadia University signed a conservation easement protecting Acadi... Read more
The Crescent Beach Centre The town also plays host to an architecturally unique facility known locally as " The Beach Centre." It is situated at the gateway to Lockeport, nestled in the dunes on the mainland side of the Crescent Beach. With... Read more
Seamans Memorial & Marine Annex - This structure serves as a memorial site for all the brave souls who have lost their lives to the ocean throughout the years. The Marine Annex contains artifacts relating to the important history of fis... Read more
This spectacular 1.5 km sand beach is a focal point for surrounding communities, and was once featured on the Canadian fifty-dollar bill. Walkers and photographers are out on the beach and nearby boardwalk in almost any weather, and in the ... Read more
The Little School Museum in the Town of Lockeport came into being as the Centennial Project of the Lockeport Garden Club. The Club saw an opportunity to make the former school an historic site so that the children of the area might learn mo... Read more
Seacap's Memorial Park    This large green space occupies an entire block, only meters from the town's shopping district.     This central outdoor performance space often hosts large events throughout the year including Lockeport Rocks,... Read more
DESCRIPTION OF HISTORIC PLACE The Lockeport Cenotaph was erected in 1924-1925 of Shelburne granite. It is located at the northwest corner of Hall and Spruce Streets in Lockeport, Nova Scotia. Municipal heritage designation applies to the mo... Read more
Icelandic settlement at Lockeport The town of Lockeport is situated about 200 kilometers west of Halifax. It was first settled circa 1760-61 by families from the northeastern states of the United States. Among the first to arrive at Ragged ... Read more
Lockeport Walking Trail (Trestle Trail) - This is a 4km (2.5 mile) walk featuring sections of boardwalk, two old CNR trestle bridges and road. There are views of sand dunes, salt marsh, fishing boats and interpretive signage.
The Locke Family Streetscape    Nova Scotia's 1st Provincially Registered Streetscape    Officially registed on June 30, 1988 the Locke Family Streetscape is Nova Scotia's first Provincially Registered Streetscape.     Located in the ... Read more
Roods Head Park    Rood's Head Park is a coastal look off that is perched on the southern most point of the isthmus, that forms the town of Lockeport.     From the top of the hill, a small path winds down to the rocks, providing not onl... Read more
Carter Island is situated about 0.4 mile north of Cranberry Island in the approach to Lockeport Inner Harbour. A light is shown at an elevation of 49 feet from a white circular tower 30 feet high, with two red bands, on Carter Island. Firs... Read more
The Jordan River Trail is located along the abandoned Halifax and Southwestern railway line. The railway carried passengers and freight between Halifax and Yarmouth from 1907-1969. The trail winds through a salt marsh, home to ducks, herons... Read more
Located on Crest Street and offering views of Lockeport Harbour and Carter's Island Lighthouse. This structure is the replica of an architectural feature found on many 19th century homes along the coast, called a widow's walk. It was tradi... Read more


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