Land Reclamation in Tuen Mun

This tour will introduce people to the land reclamation in the new town Tuen Mun, which was

Land Reclamation in Tuen Mun

New Territories Hong Kong

Created By: Stephan Ortmann

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This tour serves to trace the history of land reclamation in Hong Kong by visiting sites that remind people of the past. In the past, there was a large bay in Tuen Mun known as the Castle Peak Bay

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We start our tour at the Kadoorie Pier, also known as the Castle Peak Pier, to get an idea of the original coast line. Here we can still see natural coastline which has large stones and trees. The pier itself was moved here to Tsing Shan ... Read more
Small temple at the roadside. Built in 1916, it has over 100 years of history. The temple used to sit right at the waterfront and its god, the Tin Hau, protected fishermen who went out to see to feed their families.
This is an important point along the tour because this stone marks the old coastline. Here we can learn more about how the land was reclaimed and built up. If we close our eyes, we may be able to imagine the coast running in front of us. Ho... Read more
The Sam Shing Temple was built in 1914 and opened to the public in 1921. It is located well above the old coast line on a small hill, which once overlooked the bay. While it is an impressive old building, the inside is not particulary inter... Read more
With a history of over 30 years, the restaurant is on the Michelin list which calls it the "biggest and best known restaurants on the seafood street in Sam Shing". You are advised to bring your own seafood from the nearby market. 
The seafood market offers a wide variety of freshly caught seafood including many fish and shellfish. Customers can buy the fish and then let the nearby restaurants make dishes out of them. The market is said to be cheaper than similar plac... Read more
The Castle Peak Bay Waterfront Promenade is located in between Tuen Mun Sam Shing Village and Castle Peak Beach. It can be accessed from Sam Shing Street. The promenade has a length of 800m and measures 8,000 square meters. It is built on ... Read more
Sam Shing Estate (Chinese: 三聖邨) is a public housing estate that was built on the reclaimed land of Castle Peak Bay and is the third public housing estate in Tuen Mun. Overall, the estate consists of three residential blocks which ... Read more
This used to be an island before reclamation. The lighthouse that used to guide ships is still on the land. However, today it is integrated with a playground that has taken the sea as a motive. There are artifical ships for the kids to play... Read more
This bridge brings you some of the photos from old Tuen Mun. Unfortunately, they aren't in the best condition. There is also historical information but only in Chinese. Don't forget to look below the bridge. There is another photo from the ... Read more
On the pedestrial walkway across the highway, there are numerous photos showing the land reclamation in Tuen Mun.
The park is built on reclaimed land and covers an overall area of around 12.5 hectares which includes 1500 trees and 100,000 shrubs of about 200 different species. It is the first major park in the New Territories and was built to make... Read more
This river used to be part of the bay. Currently an extension of the MTR is being planned and the scenery may change dramatically in the future.
The temple was originally built at the seashore and facing the sea but nowadays is facing the Tuen Mun River. It is in close distance from the Tuen Mun MTR station. Currently, there is a large empty space in front of the temple on which th... Read more


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