White Loop

White Loop

Merritt Island, Florida 32953, United States

Created By: Environmentally Endangered Lands Program

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The white loop is one of our longer trails. This loop takes you through the oak hammock and is a wonderful place to encounter animals.

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The white loop begins on the west side of the paved trail and travels through an oak hammock. Much of this trail looks similar but it is a great habitat for many plants and animals. 
Barred owls are one of the five owl species residing in Florida. These birds can often be heard during the day, typically in early morning or evening. Barred owls blend in well with trees due to the camouflaging vertical bar pattern of the... Read more
The wetlands habitat is the lowest point of the oak hammock. The height of the water in this habitat is dependent on rainfall. When flooded, this habitat is home to frogs, insects, and small fish. The left side of the boardwalk is lined wit... Read more
On the right side of the trail, there is a small hole. This hole is created from a palm tree. Palm Trees are fibrous and when a tree dies the inside of the tree hollows out leaving the hole stump in the ground. 
This area is a great nesting spot for birds including red-tailed hawks. Red-tailed hawks are one of the most common hawk species in North America. They are mostly seen soaring above trees looking for prey or roosting on high trees. Take a ... Read more
Carolina wrens are small brownish-red birds that can be found in Florida year-round. While they are often hard to see they are very loud for their size. Males almost constantly sing to defend their territory making them easy to hear in woo... Read more
Blue Jays reside in Florida year-round. These bright bluebirds can be seen foraging on the ground or nesting in trees. They are very curious birds and often live in family groups. Blue jays make many different types of calls including imita... Read more
This is the beginning of the Garnet Trail which leads into the Pine Island Conservation area. This is approximately an hour-long hike.
Follow the boardwalks through the wetlands to finish the White Loop hike.


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