Nicollet Public Art Tour

Take a tour of the public art on Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Nicollet Public Art Tour

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407, United States

Created By: Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District

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Welcome to public art that you can experience, use, study and enjoy – the largest collection of public art in the city outside of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Art that exemplifies different generations of artists, styles of artwork, approaches, materials and technologies from the 1960s to the present, brought to you by downtown organizations, institutions, businesses and the City of Minneapolis.

From the start, Nicollet Mall has included ground-breaking public art. Dayton’s department store displayed an Alexander Calder sculpture in front of their building (it’s now in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden) and Lawrence Halprin, original designer of the Mall, invited artist Jack Nelson to create a kinetic sculpture to be incorporated into a public clock.

Public art took on new forms during the next incarnation of the Mall in the 1990s. Artists produced functional elements like manhole covers and carved benches and created gathering places to bring people together. This art reflected artist’s beliefs and explorations of the time, and engaged, celebrated and served the public.

Nicollet’s current re-design by James Corner Field Operations, designer of New York City’s famous High Line, choreographs movement along the street, and everything – the public, the art – becomes a part of that. Newly installed works bring fresh perspectives to the Mall. Each person will experience the artwork differently with their imagination and senses.

Public art on Nicollet Mall spans decades of artistic production – how artists work and approach their art, and the physical making of it – and celebrates the contribution of artists of all cultures to the flavor and character of our city.

These artwork descriptions have been produced by Regina M. Flanagan, one of four artists creating new work for Nicollet. She curates and integrates public art through a blog and website at featuring photo essays and stories that give an inside look at the creative process.

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What You'll See on the Tour

Nicollet Public Art Tour Welcome to public art that you can experience, use, study and enjoy – the largest collection of public art in the city outside of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Art that exemplifies different generations of art... Read more
Enjoyment of Nature, 1992 (temporarily uninstalled) Boulders, Wood and Cast Metal Benches, Bronze Branch Kinji Akagawa, Afton, MN  Collection City of Minneapolis Photo: Regina M. Flanagan Enjoyment of Nature by Kinji Akagawa, the sculptura... Read more
Hail Minnesota, 1992 Cast Iron Manhole Covers Kate Burke, New Wilmington, PA  Collection City of Minneapolis Photo: Regina M. Flanagan "Scattered in the sidewalk and roadway along the length of Mall, you’ll discover 93 unique manhole cov... Read more
Nimbus, 2018  Weathered Steel Sculpture Tristan Al-Haddad, Atlanta, GA  Collection City of Minneapolis Sketch: Tristan Al-Haddad "Nimbus by Tristan Al-Haddad appears to defy gravity and levitate. The elliptical geometry of the monumental ... Read more
Ptolemy’s Web, 2006 Weathered Steel Sculpture Beverly Pepper, New York, NY  Collection Hennepin County Library - Minneapolis Central Photo by Hennepin County Library "Ptolemy’s Web by internationally acclaimed sculptor Beverly Pepper g... Read more
Stone Boats, 1992 Carved Granite Benches Stanton Sears, Stockholm, WI  Collection City of Minneapolis Photo: Kurt Moses "In a grove of birch and oak trees on the east side of Nicollet between 5th and 6th streets sit two curvaceous carved g... Read more
Light Walk, 2017 Two block mirrored-canopy walkway James Corner, James Corner Field Operations, New York, NY Collection City of Minneapolis Photo: Kurt Moses "Light Walk designed by James Corner Field Operations illuminates this shady area ... Read more
Nicollet Lanterns, 2017 Stainless Steel Lighted Globes Blessing Hancock with poets Moheb Soliman, Sagirah Shahid, Junauda Petrus and R. Vincent Moniz, Jr. (Nu’Eta) Collection City of Minneapolis Photo: Regina M. Flanagan and Kurt Moses Ni... Read more
Mary Tyler Moore, 2002 Bronze Figurative Sculpture Gwendolyn Gillen, Madison, WI  Viacom | TV Land Photo: Kurt Moses "Of all the sculptures on Nicollet, Mary Tyler Moore by Gwendolyn Gillen is likely the sentimental favorite. Commissioned ... Read more
Tetraedros, 1988 Polished Stainless Steel Sculpture William Conrad Severson, Saint Louis, MO  Photo: IDS Center "'Tetraedros,' an inverted pyramid with a fractured surface, reflects the nearby architecture. The stainless steel sculpture’... Read more
Target Plaza with Gathering Vessel, 2002 Circular Carved Granite Benches, Cast Glass Fountain, Glass and Metal Light Sconces and Landscaping  Howard Ben Tré, Providence, Rhode Island Target Corporation Photo: Regina M. Flanagan "Howard Be... Read more
Prairie Tree, 2017 Stainless Steel Kinetic Sculpture Ned Kahn, Sebastopol, CA  Collection City of Minneapolis Photo: Regina M. Flanagan "On the northeast corner of 11th Street, Prairie Tree undulates and shimmers against the sky, engaging ... Read more
Sculpture Clock, 1967 Kinetic Sculpture: Bronze, Brass and other Metals  Jack Nelson, Syracuse, NY Collection City of Minneapolis Photos: Regina M. Flanagan Jack Nelson’s Sculpture Clock on the southeast corner at 11th Street is the olde... Read more
Tableau: A Native American Mosaic, 2018 Granite Pavement Mosaic, 1992 George Morrison, Grand Portage, MN  Collection City of Minneapolis Photo: Jerry Mathiason "George Morrison is one of Minnesota’s most important twentieth century artis... Read more
The Birth of Freedom, 1976 Cast Bronze Figurative Sculpture  Paul Granlund, Mankato, MN  Westminster Presbyterian Church Photo: Tom Northenscold The eighteen-foot-tall bronze sculpture 'The Birth of Freedom' by Paul Granlund was created e... Read more
Shadows of Spirit Cast Bronze Pavement Insets Seitu Jones, Ta-coumba Aiken and Soyini Guyton, 1992 Collection City of Minneapolis Photo: Regina M. Flanagan Inset into the sidewalks between 11th and Grant streets are seven irregular shapes, ... Read more


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