Mogadishu Walking Tour

Mogadishu is a unique city along the East coast of Africa and is the capital of Somalia. With deep Italian heritage, the city lives in the shadows of the old colonial power. The architecture, urban planning, and way of life all revolve around the Italian.

Mogadishu Walking Tour

Mogadishu, Banaadir Somalia

Created By: Justice Stubblefield

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On this walking tour, we will move from place to place and learn the deep history of Mogadishu. These colonial powers moved in and set up compounds just off the coast in Mogadishu and began a very successful trading outpost. With direct ties to the Middle East and other places along the coast, the Italians, British, and other leaders of the city quickly became very wealthy. This tour will show the different historical structures that have a historic design, the importance of them, and highlight the danger and fighting that is constantly occurring.

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This is the biggest port in Mogadishu and it is one of the main reasons that the city became popular in the 1800s. But the history of the port was much deeper than that, the port can date back to the Midevil time period and had an influence... Read more
This is the first stop on our walking tour. This gigantic cathedral was built in 1928 by the Italians and served as the seat for the Roman Catholic Dioceses. This building became a focal point for outsiders and people coming to "Mogadiscio"... Read more
The National Museum of Somalia is the next stopping place on this tour. The building was originally made in the last 19th century for the Governor of Mogadishu as a headquarters and home. In 1937 the Italians rebuilt it to be a Museum a... Read more
This building was created by the Italians to serve as an artistic building that also had advantages in location. The building was built in 1936 atop a large hill in Mogadishu. From the well built and artistic windows, a person can overlook ... Read more
The Mogadishu stadium was built under the Barre regime and served as a gathering place for sports fans and music fans. The stadium was constructed for futbol and basketball games to be played at and in 1987 the stadium was used for a concer... Read more
This Mosque is unique to Somalia and what better location than overlooking the sea. This Mosque was built in 1987 and was a significant feature in the city. During the 1990s, the civil wars were destroying the city and the Mosque was closed... Read more
In 1993, Mogadishu was in a serious war within its own walls as they fought terrorist groups that were ravishing the city. The government had zero control, and with a struggling military they reached out to the U.S. for help. Post-WWII and ... Read more
This Airport may not seem like much to the people who use it every day, but the history is deep. This airport was built by the Italians in 1928 and was the first airport in the "Horn of Africa." It was called the Petrella-Mogadiscio Aeropo... Read more
This is a unique stop on our trip around Mogadishu. The National Theatre of Somalia was built in 1967 and was extremely beneficial for the culture of Somalia. Interestingly enough, the theatre was built by the Chinese as a present from Mao ... Read more
The final stopping place on our Mogadishu tour is the famous Liddo Beach. This beach was created in the 1930s by the Italians. The colonial power created the beach for leisure and also built a giant hotel to go along with it. These two piec... Read more


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