Mount Joy Borough Parks

Visit Mount Joy Borough's Public Parks and the Little Chiques Creek

Mount Joy Borough Parks

Mount Joy, Pennsylvania 17552, United States

Created By: Mount Joy Borough

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The Mount Joy Borough Parks Department is responsible for maintaining the area recreation sites. Mount Joy has many acres of parks throughout its Community. It is important to Mount Joy Borough our parks be kept in great standard for our residents to enjoy. Our goal is to maintain each park in order to provide safety for our children.

These recreation areas are meant for the enjoyment of the general public. Please respect the rights of others to use them as such. Violations of any of the provisions set forth may result in prosecution under the law.

Hours: All parks shall be open to the public from dawn to dusk unless otherwise posted, or permission is granted by the Mount Joy Borough Council. Certain areas may be restricted from use.

Vehicles: Speed – 15 m.p.h. maximum

Parking – designated areas only

Repairs – in emergencies only

Washing, Waxing, etc. – prohibited

Operation – on roadways or specially designated area only

Bicycles – must be kept out of marked areas

Intoxicating Beverages: Possession or use of alcoholic or malt beverages in the parks is prohibited. Persons under the influence of intoxicating beverages shall not be permitted in the parks.

Tobacco Use: Consumption and use of tobacco products at all municipally owned parks, parks facilities, sports fields and playgrounds is prohibited.

Animals: No animals shall be brought into the parks except domestic animals on a leash not more than four feet in length. Any person bringing an animal into a park shall clean up after such animal.

Gambling: No person shall engage in any kind of gambling at which money or other valuable things may or shall be played for, staked, or betted upon, unless otherwise specified by the Mount Joy Borough Council.

Fires: No one is permitted to build a fire except in those areas designed for that purpose.

Littering: No one is permitted to discard any form of waste material, paper, or rubbish, except in those containers supplied for that purpose.

Injuring or Destroying Property: No person shall injure, deface, remove cut or damage any of the trees, plants, turf, buildings, structures or fixtures therein, or any other property of the borough within a park.

Park Materials: No person shall gather or remove any wood, turf, soil, rock, sand, gravel or other materials stored at a park without written permission of the Borough.

Firearms: No person shall discharge within any Borough park or Borough property any firearms, as that term is defined by Section 6120(b) of the PA Uniform Firearms Act, except for the justifiable use of force as authorized by Chapter 5 of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code. No person shall use or possess within any Borough park or Borough property, any bow and arrow, slingshot, air rifle or any other device (other than firearms as defined above) capable of throwing any projectile of any sort, including any, including hand throwing of rocks or stones intended to be used as weapons.

Profane Language: No person shall use profane language within a park, or conduct themselves in any lewd, immoral, or commonly objectionable manner within a park, or conduct himself so as to annoy any other person using a park for recreational purposes.

Concessions: No person shall set up any booth, table or stand, mobile or otherwise, for the sale of any article whatsoever, within the limits of a park, without written permission from the Mount Joy Borough Council.

Athletic Activities: The playing of athletic games and athletic activities shall be confined to areas designated therefore, and no such activities shall be carried on in any other areas.

Golfing: Playing golf in all Borough Parks in prohibited.


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This 1 acre Florin Park dates back to 1887 when it was a part of the Florin Hall and Park Association. The group held festivals here but interest waned and the property was eventually razed and the Florin Fire Company was built on the groun... Read more
This 12.3 acre property was purchased by Mount Joy Borough in February 2006. This property was previously owned by Donegal School District and was known as Grandview Elementary School. The School was constructed in 1959 followed by a rear a... Read more
Located between Fairview Street and Old Market Street, this 13 acre park, developed by the Rotary Club of Mount Joy, has a regulation soccer field, junior midget size baseball / girls’ softball field overlapped with an under 10 soccer fie... Read more
The 5.28 acre Borough Park has been at its present location since 1935. The former Borough Park was at the “little” post office on the corner of North Market and East Main Street. When the new post office was built, the park had to be m... Read more
The Mount Joy Borough Park also has a Joy Land play area. This was a “Community Built” playground originally in October 1993. Unfortunately, this park was destroyed by a fire and was again rebuilt by the community, Rotary and many volu... Read more
A gentleman name Clarence Schock gave the Little Chiques School Playground to the Mount Joy School Board in 1947. Mr. Clarence had just developed Park Avenue. It is said that no one actually called the park Little Chiques School Playground.... Read more
Originally known as Little Chiquesalunga Creek which derives its name from the Native American word Chiquesalunga, or crayfish, the creek runs some 20 miles in a southerly direction to join Chiques Creek a mile before it empties out into th... Read more
A 1.32 acre Memorial Park was established on the Marietta Avenue lot where the first all-Borough School was built in 1873. The building had housed both elementary and high school students until 1925 when a separate high school was built on ... Read more
This .08 acre park dates back to 1931 where the Waterworks, which is now Mount Joy Borough Authority, built a station that incorporated Mount Joy’s first filtration system and an enclosed water storage tower. The tower was constructed on ... Read more
In the Summer of 2015 a new basketball court was built by using the funds donated by Mount Joy Country Homes.  As part of this project, additional lighting was also added to the parking lot and pavilion. Additional play equipment will be i... Read more
This 7 acre park was established the summer of 2006. George Desmond, the developer of the Lakes Development, fully funded the project. The park consists of a play structure, pavilion, tennis and basketball courts and a ball field. This is a... Read more
A historic manufactured gas plant (MGP), locally known as "Old Standby", was located at 225 West Main Street, Mount Joy. The MGP manufactured gas and conveyed it to the local community for lighting, heating, and industrial purposes. The fa... Read more


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