Mr Norrell's London

Explore the London from Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

Mr Norrell's London

London, City of London, England EC3V 3LA, United Kingdom

Created By: Emma Dermott

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From Mr Norrell's Hanover Square residence to Jonathan's notorious coffee house The Bedford, see London through the eyes of the two magicians of London from Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

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9 Harley Street

Before his marriage Sir Walter had had only one servant, Stephen Black, and Sir Walter’s confidence in this person knew scarcely any bounds. At no. 9 Harley-street he was called “butler”, but his duties and responsibilities extended ... Read more
Cavendish Square Gardens

Cavendish Square was built in 1717 and named after the Duke of Portland's great grandmother. The Duke of Portland was Prime Minister when Norrell arrived in London, though he retired in 1809 and died shortly after. He was succeeded by Spen... Read more
Hanover Square

"Now I do not know what may be your opinion yet to say the truth I do not much care for the south side of Hanover-square; the houses are so tall and thin –four storeys at least –and all the tall, gloomy windows are so regular, and ever... Read more
Shapero Rare Books

One of London's leading antiquarian bookshops. This shop specialises in travel, natural history, English literature and continental books.
Bruton Street

In the last seven years however the perfection of Mr Lascelles’s house had become somewhat diminished. The colours were as exquisite as ever, but they had not been changed for seven years. The furnishings were expensive, but they represe... Read more
John Murray Publishers

In London Mr John Murray, the publisher, sat in his house in Albermarle-street. At other times Mr Murray’s rooms were the liveliest in London –full of poets, essayists, reviewers and all the great literary men of the kingdom. But the g... Read more
St James' Street

"As Stephen walked up St James’s-street, he saw a strange sight –a black ship sailing towards him through the grey rainy air above the heads of the crowd. It was a frigate, some two feet high, with dirty, ragged sails and peeling paint... Read more

"I next took pains to get acquainted with Captain Hurst and persuaded him to accompany me to Boodle’s where –well I will not deceive you, madam –where there is gambling!” The small man giggled. “I lent him a little money to try h... Read more
Berry Bros. & Rudd

Berry Bros.& Rudd is very probably the basis for Mrs Brandy's grocers, which was based on St James' street.  The shop has been around since 1696, founded by the Widow Bourne.  the company has supplied the Royal Family since the reign... Read more
Pickering Place

The Widow Bourne's son-in-law, James Pickering, created Pickering Court, which would later become notorious for bear-baiting; as the site of the last duel fought with swords in London; and, in a fact recorded on a plaque, the home of the le... Read more
Little Ryder Street

"Childermass said that Drawlight lived upon his wits and his debts; none of his great friends had ever been invited to visit him at home, because home was a lodging above a shoemaker’s in Little Ryder-street." Jonathan Strange & Mr N... Read more
Burlington House

"Burlington House in Piccadilly was the London residence of the Duke of Portland, the First Minister of the Treasury (whom many people nowadays like to call the Prime Minister in the French style). It had been erected in an Age when Englis... Read more

"The stout gentleman opened his eyes wide in fright, anger and indignation. He opened his mouth wide to begin accusing Stephen but in that moment he began to change. His body became the trunk of a tree; he suddenly sprouted arms in all dir... Read more

Hatchards was founded in 1797, but moved to its current address in 1810 so that the Egyptian Hall could be built. It has been at the same site since 1810 - you can see John Hatchard's portrait on the staircase. It has three royal warrants, ... Read more
Meard Street

Meard Street is one of the best examples of Georgian architecture in Soho.
Dean Street Townhouse

An original Soho Georgian townhouse, now a hotel, restaurant and bar (cocktails are £11 each)

Rippons' owner Romil Patel restored the front of the shop in 2011, back to how it would have looked when it was built in 1791. All the architectural detais are original, but were buried under centuries of paint. 
Soho Square

Sorry, there wasn't any information provided for this point of interest.
Seven Dials London

By the 19th century, Seven Dials was among the most notorious slums in London, as part of the rookery of St Giles. The area was described by Charles Dickens in his collection Sketches by Boz, which remarks, The stranger who finds hi... Read more
Grosvenor Prints

grosvenor Prints specialises in antique prints dating from the 17th Century onwards.
Bedford Coffee House

"A few days later Strange and Sir Walter Pole were playing at billiards at the Bedford in Covent-garden. The game had come to an impasse as Sir Walter had begun, as usual, to accuse Strange of transporting billiard balls about the table by... Read more


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